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Insulation or cooler bags

Cooler bags or insulation bags are very simply a bag that is lined with a thermal insulation. What this in effect will do is help maintain the temperature of the item that was inserted into the bag; hot or cold. The thermal insulation reduces the transfer of heat in and out of the bag thus allowing things to be maintained inside for a extended period compared to that of a non-insulated bag. These bags can come in many shapes and sizes also with a wide variety of insulation materials been used from reflective foil to polystyrene as the two most common.

picture of a blue wine cooler bagpicure of a blue vinyl whine cooler bag

Vinyl wine cooler bag

Product code: coo001


Cooler and or insulation bags are very versatile when you are traveling and need to keep things at the temperature you purchased them at or took them from the fridge / freezer at. These vinyl insulation bags are made from the vinyl of bill board banners and pull up banners of corporate advertisements. We then insert a thermal lining to help maintain the temperature.

Price: R180.00 each

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