Crafty Corner products and services

The concept of a one stop shop is not new to the market place; Crafty Corner offers a diverse range of products, services and activities though our interactive associations with crafters and other professionals we have created a central location were corporate companies and private individuals can find what they are looking for in one location.

Handmade gifts

Crafty Corner has a team of designers, crafters and other professionals ready to help you with any handmade corporate gifts, speciality project or event. Our team have helped corporate companies break work records, deliver thousands of gifts, created custom decor for the entire franchise and even a single unique gist for that special person. We would like to encourage you to follow the link below to see some of our standard corporate gifts that we make throughout the year or even go to our commissions page and see some of the unique work we have done for people and companies in and around South Africa.

Corporate Gifts

wine bottles  cut by hand and filled with wax

We offer a selected range of art and craft products, click on the images below to see what we have to offer.

silicone rubber picture of rolls of 3d printing filament

At Crafty Corner we offer various design, printing and manufacturing services. These services include 3D printing, sewing, mould making, glass cutting to just name a few.

3d printed black box picture of a statue just out of a split silicone mould