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Crafty Corner handcrafted corporate gifts, craft kits, crafting products and eco gifts

Hand made corporate gifts

Crafty Corner have a team of designers ready to help you with your Handmade corporate gifts. We are able to custom make gifts and incorporate logos and corporate colours into the designs.

Corporate Gifts

Metal AIDS broach
pink cancer day rememberance pendant
Cancer rememberance pendant
beaded Cancer rememberance pendant
Mosaic birds
mosaic birds

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Eco-friendly Green Gifts

All our eco friendly green gifts are incorporated into the gifts section with a specifically marked green gift tag for you to easily identify which of our corporate gifts are green. If however you are only interested in the green gifts and not our standard range of corporate gifts. Please visit the link below which will take you to Upcycle where all the eco-friendly green gifts are made.

Green gifts from Upcycle

upcycle gifts
Aids day broach; each broach is hand made from discarded coke cans by our various community project. The cans are rescued from landfill and turn into these simple by effective green eco friendly gifts.

Upccled light bulb planter
A simple yet visually effective planter crafted from an old incandescent light bulb. This delicate addition to your home or office decor is a great gift idea – perhaps for that special someone you want to celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

upcycle pencile bag from chip packets
Upcycled pencil / stationery bag made from chip packets. We all love a packet of crisps, but the waste they produce drives us mad because they are not currently 'recyclable'.

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Craft products

We supply a selection of craft products, tools and supplies. The list constantly changes and expands according to the needs of the market. You are welcome to brows what we have online or to contact us with further information to discuss your specific needs.

New craft products

3D Printing services
3d printed black box
Felting needls
felting needls
Silicone rubber
silicone rubber

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Kids Craft kits

We have a selection of craft kits for children for birthday parties, corporate family fun days or even just those cold rainy days.

Kids craft kits

fabric painting kit
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