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About us


Crafty Corner should be your first port of call should you require anything out of the ordinary. We are a creative team that are ready to take on any challenge, from corporate gifts to large commissions, teambuilding events and more!

What do we do?

Please take a look at our Commissions page to see some of the work we have done.


Since its inception in 2004, Crafty Corner has grown from a part-time, one-woman show, to a fulltime business with a number of employees servicing a wide range of clients with varying and diverse needs.

Starting as a simple craft related resource database, Crafty Corner has grown phenomenally over the years. Apart from being a free craft resource, we also provide stunning, handmade gifts to the public and to numerous corporate clients, as well as running craft workshops and courses from our studio and craft programs at schools.

It always amazes us at how much talent lies undiscovered, and we bring this out by running interactive and creative teambuilding events.

Let's meet the team:

Winnie (wishes she could breakdance...)


Winnie studied interior decorating and has been involved in the crafting industry ever since. She has a wide grasp of craft skills, is an expert tutor and has an eye that misses no detail.

Apart from being an experienced manager, her sense of design and colour is unparalleled.

Mark (always on my best behaviour...)


Mark is a technical and logistics specialist. A resin caster and mould maker, he has spent years honing his skills as an experienced crafter, in addition to being an internet whiz and running his own web servers.

In 2009 Mark and Frank established the Old Forest Brewery, and together they brew traditional (and some not so traditional) English Ales, Porters and Stouts.

Frank (on a voyage of exploration)


With a background in TV, video production and event management, Frank knows how to manage things when they donít go according to plan (though they usually do).

He is a professional ice cream taster and visual poet. He also happens to be South Africa's top yo-yo player and has entertained audiences across the country.

Theresa (as mad as a hatter)


Theresa heads our kidsí department, running our craft program at schools, as well as teaching Saturday craft classes. She helps conceptualise new projects and manage them.

She is a qualified reflexologist and talks to plants.


Please contact us via email

Thanking you all for your continued support!
Crafty Corner team