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Some of the work Crafty Corner has been commissioned to do:




We can meet your requirements for any one off or even a production run of a number of items that all have to be handmade and crafted. Crafty Corner has been creating unique work for since 2000 for corporates big and small as well as private individuals.

Our extensive knowledge of product range and our own crafting skills, along with our vast network of suppliers and manufacturers places us in the unique position to fulfil each and every request, no matter how extreme. To date we have accomplished a multitude of projects, some big, some small, each with a unique challenge, but all were a blast to work on!

Scroll down the page below and see what we have been up to.

The demand for innovation in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)!

The global demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), has become critical amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. The health care practitioners capacity have been severely stretched by the first wave and now the second wave of CoronaVirus infections.

Scientific and technological advances in the industry have indicated that the innovation of materials used in PPE, is a game changer, now more than ever. The supply of medical gowns, aprons and scrubs in South African hospitals has reached a critical point as the disposable gowns are deemed impractical and cost prohibitive, given the number of patients that health care workers deal with simultaneously at any point in time.

Crafty Corner, innovatively responded to this need with water resistant, protective gowns for health care practitioners by creating a reusable, modified surgical gown made from an impervious, synthetic, woven material. The range of PPE made from this impervious, synthetic, woven material extends to include bed sheets, pillowcases and blood pressure (BP) cuffs and aprons.

What makes this water-resistant modified gown or scrub highly sought after, is, being impervious, the gown is instantly reusable. Gowns can be sanitised while worn as there will be no water penetration. The efficiency of the reusable gown is critical to the intervention needed for the protection of health care practitioners at large, as there is simply not enough time to change PPE between patients, given the high volumes.

Health care practitioners have been said to wear the protective gowns for up to 16 hours without changing due to crisis responses needed in patient care. The reusable gown allows for an easy wash down, also allowing it to be sanitised by spraying disinfectant with high alcohol volume, as the synthetic material is chemical resistant too.

These medical gowns are further modified for a doctorís self-sufficiency. The modification is that the gown ties on the side of the body and not at the back, making the entire back kept as a ďclean zone areaĒ. The doctorís self sufficiency in the putting on and the removing of the gown, as one can imagine, is a huge time and people saver.

Further modifications include the gown sleeves which are designed with a double elastic band so that long or short sleeves can be accommodated in the same outfit. The same material as the full gown, is used on the cuff of the sleeves, to further prevent contamination, unlike the traditional gowns which have sleeves made from absorbent material. The neck of the gown is also sealed with Velcro attachments. Furthermore, the gowns have been designed with a concealed covered pocket for personal possessions.

The benefit of this impervious material extends to the ease of wiping down bed sheets and pillowcases between patients. Blood Pressure (BP) cuffs are being ordered to be made from this material too.

The synthetic materials used in the gowns and sheeting are also temperature resistant and so can be washed at high temperatures to disinfect. The material is more cost effective than the traditional gown or scrub.

There are 22 colours available and sizes available are from medium to XXL.

An impervious gown or scrub is used when there is a high risk of exposure to extensive blood and bodily fluids (BBF) like in an Operating Room, Emergency Department, or Intensive Care Unit.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are designed to create a non-disease specific barrier against the penetration of substances, solids, liquids and airborne particles. PPE is designed to be used with other infection control practices such as hand washing and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to minimize the spread of infection from one person to another.

For further information regarding the impervious medical gowns, bed sheets, pillowcases, and BP cuffs,
contact Mark Fruhauf on 082 855 2236 or email:

PPE are designed to create a non-disease specific barrier against the penetration of substances, solids, liquids and airborne particles. In general, neither FDA nor the manufacturer can provide assurances that PPE will protect you against a specific disease. The data that FDA uses for the evaluation and clearance of PPE rarely includes performance evaluation or testing against specific viruses, such as Ebola or flu. If performance data has met FDA requirements and demonstrates protection against a specific disease, the product labelling will state that claim for protection against the specific virus or bacteria.

Manufacturers are expected to use these regulations and practices for consistent product quality and to guide performance testing to make sure that their products conform to recognized consensus standards. For PPE, these standards may include fluid resistance, leak protection, filtering capacity or resistance to tears and snags. When these regulations and practices are followed, they provide reasonable assurance that the device is safe and effective.


Is a company involved in the financial side of the educational sector commissioned a model of Mt Everest. In true Crafty Corner sty this was not a project we would shy away from coming in at 2m by 2m by a little over 1.2 meters tall and weighing in at near 80 Kg. This model of Mt Everest was made primarily with paper balls, paper mache and finished off in a hard coat of dental stone. The scale is approximately 1:10 000 000.

July 2019

Picture of model scale model of Mt Everest Picture of model scale model of Mt Everest crfted by crafty corner Picture of model scale model of Mt Everest Picture of model scale model of Mt Everest Picture of model scale model of Mt Everest

First National Bank

Crafty Corner was commissioned by 3rd House who are an agency that works with First National Bank to assist them with various projects such as making displays. We were asked to make a tree for one of their internal events. Our brief was to create a tree from wood about 2m tall and proportionally wide from wood strong enough to hand 500 notes from the staff. This was further complicated by the face we would have to assemble the tree inside their offices in bank city Johannesburg.

Taking up the challenge Crafty Corner designed a tree using a flat pack assembly system. Making use of a big CNC machine, at Made in Workshop in Randburg Fontainbleau, we proceeded to bring our creation to life. The design of the tree was not the iconic FNB tree but one of our own creations which we cut out of various thicknesses of wood. These cut out pieces were then carefully laminated together to form the various components of the tree. We made up the base, trunk and branches into separate sections so that we could easily breakdown move and re-assemble quickly at any location. The other advantage of this style of building is that we were not restricted by doorways or lifts, this had to be installed on the 4th floor of FNB building. Taking a total of 7 days we cut, sanded, glued, delivered and Ėre-assembled the tree in its new home at FNB. The final size of the tree was 2.1m tall, from branch to branch tip it was 1.9m wide and had a base of 1.6m in diameter weighing a total of about 75Kg

April 2019

sheet of MDF lying on CNC been cut out cnc machine in action cuttign mdf parts cut by cnc removed and sanded ready for assembley glued tree trunk assembled to ensure accurate fit assembeled tree trunk test fitted on base of tree fnb flat pack tree partially assembled for testing completed tree fully assembled as it would be in location 4th floor fnb bank city johannesburg with our tree fully installed.


RESTRAW officially started after an epic backpacking honeymoon adventure in 2016, where my husband and I travelled to, and dived in, all sorts of areas around the globe. A very sad reality that hit us time and time again was that we saw just how much plastic was affecting our planet. Our oceans and islands, and just about every area we went to (even the most remote places), had some level of plastic infiltrating and taking over. We realised how out of control the whole situation has gotten. Itís one thing to know about it but seeing it with your own eyes is a another story altogether and really changes something in you.

picture of hemp restraw sleeves

We came across reusable straws for the first time in Bali and it was so incredibly awesome. They resonated with us from the second we saw them. Not only are they brilliant for the environment but they are pretty amazing to sip through as well. After a long chat with one of our environmentalist friends about the gigantic plastic issues the world is facing, we knew that we needed to bring the straws to South Africa. Once back in South Africa in 2017, we started our mission to bring RESTRAW to life.

RESTRAW is a change in mind-set, itís a mind shift. Our motto is rethink, reuse, reset. Itís about rethinking the way we do things, reusing and recycling everything that we can, and resetting for a better, plastic-free future.

We hope that our RESTRAWS resonate with you and that you get as much joy from them as we do.

RESTRAW Products

Our products have been carefully conceptualised and crafted to be as environmentally friendly as possible, from start to finish. We use sustainable material as far as we can and produce as much with our South African brothers and sisters as possible.

Restraw Sleeve

Our glass straws are manufactured and branded locally, each one being hand crafted with the utmost care. We have partnered with an incredible company called Upcycle ( to make our beautiful hemp sleeves. They teach and empower people in various communities to make a living from the resources they have at hand. We use 100% hemp fabric for the sleeves as it is incredibly sustainable, cruelty free, antibacterial and antifungal. Our packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable material.

We have requested that our suppliers stay away from using plastic for any of our products and rather use paper if necessary.

picture of may making restraw pouches

Upcycle getting involved

Thanks to our amazing network of people that donate us all sorts of materials and cool things to experiment with, we have been able to train incredible people that have previously not had work, how to make things to sell at markets to create an income for themselves.

When RESTRAW came along we didnít really have a well-established income for the people that where making things to sell at markets so this was a great opportunity for a stable income because for every RESTRAW pouch they sew they get paid for. Teaming up with RESTRAW is a perfect combination, RESTRAW needing the RESTRAW pouches and being able to pay people for the product they were making and Upcycle having a skilled bunch of hard working people that are willing to learn anything new.

Beacause our team are not afraid to learn and understand that you cannot get it right the first time, when people are motivated enough they find a way of doing what they want to do and make it happen. They have spent many hours learning ad growing thier confidence levels and are really keen to take on new challenges.

Our team has been creating new products from all the materials we have been donated and learning how to use the sewing machines without holding back or being afraid to learn. It is an exceptionally refreshing environment when you donít have to nag anyone to do their job or when people donít drag their feet every time they have to learn a new skill and this is why Upcycle thrives, we always make the most out of our days, we look for people who are willing to put in the effort and then put all our effort into them.

St Gobain

For the international building materials competition in Dubai St Gobain commissioned a mould from crafty corner of the african black rhino. This was to be used on the final stage of the design portion of the competition relating to interior construction materials. The mould was created by sculpting a relief rhino head, work done by W Mchnrey owner of Upcycle Creative, which was then converted into a mould with fiberglass and the final product made from dental stone manufactured by one of the divisions of St Gobain.
sculpting clay placed as base of relief rough design of rhino traced onto clay rhino design deepend and perfected excess materail around rhino design removed excess clay packed back on to create relief on rhino more rellief work on rhino completed rhino sculpture faber glass shell been created fiber glass relief mould of rhino mould been tested with dental stone dental stone rhino from relief mould all stages of relief rhino st gobain company logo

Purim costumes

For the Purim event of celebrations of Adar 14-15 of 356 BCE Crafty Corner was asked to make outfits for 2 of the local families for the Sunday event.

The first outfit was made mostly from recycled materials. The fabric we printed on was tablecloths that were decommissioned by a local hotel and the ruffle that we used for the foam at the top of the outfit was from scrap calico that we sewn and gathered. The hats themselves was made mainly from double wall cardboard from packaging boxes and a small amount of new corrugate to cover the printing that was viable from the top. The straw was made from under floor high density foam and rapped with a ribbon.

starbucks pruim 2017 outfit<

The other outfit that was commissioned was a Jelly Belly, this was done with rescued transparent plastic and balloons. Sewn on the sides to form a bag around the stomach and a bib to provide a flap onto which we attached ribbons to hold the outfit in place.

starbucks goup picturegoup picture of jelly belly outfits

Best products

We have been asked to make 500 Talisman for Best products in Cape Town for their catalogue shopping clients throughout South Africa. Original created by our artists from a picture supplied and moulds setup to replicate the original in polyester resin. Best Products is the first company in South Africa to provide an exclusive mail order service, offering a wide range of retail products.
March 2016
resin talisman


Though our sister company Upcycle they have been working on 5000 glasses for Investec. These glasses are hand cut from discarded wine bottles, cut, polished into amazing glasses and finally sand blased with thier logo and unique saying.
December 2015
Read the full story here...

incestec glasses investec upcycled wine glass

Hiside events

Astro turf coasters for thier corporate gifts at a gala evening.

astro turf coaster fake grass coasters

Isidingo, TV prop - mock Faberge Eggs

Manufacture of mock Faberge Eggs to be used as props for popular South African TV drama series, Isidingo. The Faberge egg used by Isidingo was manufactured in just one day.

isidingo faberge egg isidingo tv faberge egg

Nouwens Carpets

Crafty Corner specialises in the manufacture of unique, handmade creations and corporate gifts. For Nouwens Carpets, we were commissioned to produce 500 book covers made from genuine Nouwens Carpet.

nouwens carpet book cover handmade nouwens corporate gift book cover

Virgin Active, UK

Crafty Corner works with a number of international clients. Our handmade, wire bicycles were crafted by local artists and crafters using local suppliers, and exported to the UK for Virgin Active.

handmade wire bicycle for virgin active hand crafted wire bicycle

Valentines Day Rose Candles

Commissioned to produce 200 pink rose candles, with cellophane wrap and note tag to be given away as a Valentines Day corporate gift. Crafty Corner first manufactured the silicone rose moulds, and then produced the candles from the custom made moulds.

valentines day rose candle valentines day rose candles

JD Group

Design and manufacture of two giant baobab trees. The first tree, pictured below, was designed and built by the Crafty Corner team using wire and hessian in just one day.

wire baobab tree big wire baobab tree

The second baobab tree we built for the JD Group, was built with wire exclusively and manufactured over several days.

jd group wire baobab tree wire baobab tree


Design and manufacture of 5000 stackable candles for World Aids Day.

world aids day candles novelty candle for world aids day

Rand Merchant Bank

Design and manufacture of a giant pair of female legs. The legs are made from recycled materials and covered with a fabric "skin". Each leg is 4m in length.

legslegs making

Office National

Design and manufacture of 200 gift boxes and wire baobab trees. The Coke bottle gift boxes were handmade using recycled plastic bottles, while the wire baobab trees were manufactured through our community program.

wire baobab tree and recycled coke bottle gift box recycled plastic coke bottle gift box and wire baobab tree

Siyaenza Marketing

Design and manufacture of 400 wooden chalk boards.

handmade wooden chalk board handmade wooden chalk board

Timken Bearing Mould

Manufacture of a silicone rubber chocolate mould of a genuine Timken ballbearing.

timken bearing timken bearing mould


Reindeer bags for shoeboxes. These bags are made from felt. First the reindeers had to be cut out by hand, then the floppy felt reindeers had to be stiffened using our own special mixture of glue. Once the reindeers were stiffened, we had to punch holes along the edges. The reindeers were then stitched together by hand.

felt reindeer christmas decorationsred reindeer from felt

ATTV Communications

Manufacture of a 3m x 5m black starlight curtain. The stage was set and this LED starlight curtain surely set the scene! Mark had lots of fun with this one - who says techies can't also play and have fun!

LED starlight curtainstarlight curtain

ATTV Communications

Time Machine!!! I think this one of a kind project speaks for itself. This time machine was built as a prop for a "Back to the Future" style video. If you don't think we can do anything after this... just wait till you see the bunny below...

time machinetime machine


Design and manufacture of the worlds largest, solid chocolate bunny, weighing 3014kg and measuring 3,82m high, breaking the Guinness World record. Yes, that is someone standing on the giant bunny's shoulder. Read more.

World record chocolate bunnyworldrecord chocolate bunny


Design of 3000 wire hearts for Valentine's Day. Handmade wire hearts with red and white beads made from glass, plastic and wood.

Wire hearts for valentines daywire hearts for valentines day


Design and manufacture of 1000 keyrings using recycled glass beads.

recycled glass keyringsnedbank glass keyrings


Design and manufacture of 200 treasure chests.

treasure chest for nandosnandos treasure chests

Penquin International

Design & manufacture of custom silicone moulds and production of gold apple candles.

gold apple candlessilicone apple mould


Design and manufacture of 888 decorative gold and red glitter balls, used for in-store promotions.

stuttafordsglitter ball for christmas


Manufacture of 5000 branded gel candles.

Crafty Corner realizes the importance of raising awareness on many issues which affect society. We have assisted many businesses in creating items to raise awareness for worthy causes, such as Pink keyrings for Breast Cancer month and making candles for National Aids Day. We are as determined as the businesses requesting these creations to raise awareness.

aids day candlesaids day candles

Forza Racing

Design and manufacture of 200 custom picture frames.

african picture framepicture frames

Givaudan SA, Spain

Recycled tin boxes designed by Crafty Corner, manufactured through our community upliftment program.

recycled tin boxesrecycled tin boxes

Resin Bones

Sculpting of original bone, manufacture of custom silicone mould and casting of 500 resin bones for a pharmaceutical company.

resin cast bonesresin casting

Wire Men

These wire men were handcrafted for a wireless internet company.

wire manwire men

Nashua Mobile

Manufacture of Nashua Mobile Easter Eggs.

easter eggseaster eggs for nashua mobile

Kids clothes and costume manufacture

One of our memorable moments was creating handmade costumes for a Robin Hood themed concert.

robin hood costumerobin hood costume

Snow white

snow whitesnow white costume

Remember Liewe Heksie and Blommie! Crafty Corner has brought them to the year 2010 and they are now alive through our exciting puppet creations.

liewe heksie puppetsmaking hand puppets

Contact Us

This is just a sample of some of the work we have done. Nothing is too big or too small, and we just love a challenge! Give us a call and let's discuss your ideas:


felt keyring wine bottle holder computer keyboard keyrings notebook