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Candle making classes

Candles are one of the oldest crafts out there and have been going ever since the days of the Romans. Beeswax and tallow were the main ingredients used for candle making until the 1850's. This is when it was discovered that paraffin wax could be obtained from petrol, coal or wood.
Candles were traditionally made by repeatedly dipping the wick in melted tallow.

Crafty Corner will host the essential Candle Making practical workshop on 14th July 2018

An introduction to the full spectrum of Candle Making from, Drilled, Mosaic, Painted & Sliced. The workshop will enable you to complete a two piece Mould Candle.

Essential candle making workshop: Sat 14th July 2018 / 9am to 2pm @ Upcycle Creative Studios in Fontainebleau Randburg.

The candle making class covers the following

  1. We cover candle making equipment.
  2. What are wicks, waxes and additives.
  3. Explain about candle moulds.
  4. How to add fragrances and colour to candles.
  5. How to work safely, time savers and other handy things to know.
  6. Types of candles we cover are: Container Candles, Moulded Candles, Hand- dipped tapers, Speciality Candles, Special Effects.
  7. Most importantly we take a look at troubleshooting.
Candle making class costs R580 per person


Upcycle Creative studio
Unit 14
Second floor
Fontainegate Office block
84 maira st

All classes include a light vegetarian lunch

Please let me know if you interested in any of the upcoming classes and I will send you more info regarding them.

Bookings and info:
082 780 3673