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Step by step on how to paint a Sphinx as presented by: Crafty Corner

For any question contact: Winnie


What you need to paint a sphinx:

  • Raw bisc ware or unglazed ornaments
  • PVA or craft paint
  • Magic Touch (this is actually a product and can be bought from crafty corner or any craft shop.)
  • Paint brush
  • Turpentine
requirements to paint a sphinx

Step 1

The first thing you going to be doing is place the sphinx onto lots of newspaper and make sure you have space to get all the way round the table to get to all the parts of your sphinx

Step 2

We are now going to paint the entire thing with black PVA or craft acrylics. Dont slap the paint on, rather give it a nice thin coat of paint. We try to make sure we dont have brush marks and runs from the paint as this particular techniques highlights all your mistakes. Wash your brush out with some water to make sure you dont have a hard paint brush later.

paint with pva

Step 3

Once the paint is dry( two hours at least) you can paint a second coat of paint

Step 4

Once the sphinx is properly coated and you are happy with the solid covering of black you can get ready for the fun part. If you can still see white showing through you might want to paint it a third coat.

Step 5

The trick i find with magic touch is to use your fingers and dont bother with the paint brush and other little goodies recommended for this product. You might want to try get the feel of the product on a test product first. Open your magic touch and with the flat of your thumb rum a little onto your finger. We are now going to rub the magic touch over the ornament but we work very gently and only rub over the surface. We not trying to cover every spot but rather just highlight the sticking up bits.

rub with magic touch

Step 6

Rub the entire statue with magic touch basically just rubbing over the outside sticking up parts. Dont try to get to the bits that are deep or well hidden its the contrast of the solid black wit the highlighted gold parts that make its work so well.

rub the entire shinx with magic touch

Step 7

Once you are happy that you have covered the entire thing and it looks great you can take a soft cloth and with a tiny dried out spot of turps you can now rub over the entire statue. Make sure you do this very gently as the turpentine will wash all the magic tough off it you have to much on. Also if you make a mistake and are not happy you can use turps to clean that spot and start again once it has dried. The turps binds and helps set the magic touch. Make sure you dont wipe somewhere and hope to come back to that spot later to fix up cause it will be much harder to remove the magic touch at that stage.

finished sphinx
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