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Beginning Crochet

Step by step on how to begin crochet by doing a chain as presented by: Crafty Corner

For any question contact: Winnie

starting crochet

What you need to begin Crochet:

  • Nice big crochet hook at least a 3mm
  • Double knitting wool

Step 1

Make a loop with your wool

crochet loop

Step 2

Pull your wool attached to the long bit through the loop

pull loop

Step 3

Pull the wool through till the knot becomes tight. you might need to hold the one bit of wool as you do this to help it pull tight

pull loop tight

Step 4

Place this loop onto your crochet hook

put loop onto crochet hook

Step 5

Hold your crochet hook in your hands like a pen your fingers should be close to the front but not right on top of the wool. Hold the loose bit of wool in your left hand with your pinky and other fingers. The left hand holds the wool and the right hand does the manouvering

hold crochet hook

Step 6

Bring your wool up and wrap it around the crochet hook from behind. pull it forward around the crochet hook.

wrap wool from behind

Step 7

We now going to pull the crochet hook with this loop on it through the already made loop, look at the way the loop sits on the crochet hook if you look closely you will see that the hole that the crochet hook now needs to pull through is the same shape as the crochet hook! The crochet hook should be pointing down and the wool pulled stiff. Dont hold it so tight that you cant do anything. The wool will not just slip off the crochet hook so dont be worries about that. The crochet hook is designed to just slide through the loop.

shape of the crochet hook

Step 8

Hold the small bit of wool that you started the loop with in your left hand between your pinky and other fingers then hold the long bit of wool also with your left hand to help you pull the loop through, Slide the crochet hook with the loop on through the already made loop.

pull through

Step 9

Slide the loop all the way through

pull loop

Step 10

There you go easy as pie... Now follow steps 6 to 9 a few times till you have your very own cain. Once you can master the art of doing this with your wool and hook you have almost got it down pat.

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