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Heart Bag

Step by step on how to make a Heart bag as presented by: Crafty Corner

For any question contact: Winnie

Heart bag

What you need to make a Heart bag:

  • 1 Red Felt 20 x 20 cm square
  • Red thin (2mm) ribbon for sewing
  • Red medium (7mm) ribbon for ties
  • Sewing Needle
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • Heart Shape

Step 1

First, you need to trace three heart shapes onto the felt and cut them out

felt heart

Step 2

Put two hearts together with points and one side touching. You are going to sew along this edge with ribbon or a bright color wool. I am using a standard blanket stitch to sew the two pieces together. Sew from the tip to the part at the top just before it starts to curve away.

blancket stitch

Step 3

Place the third heart next to the second one in the same way, tip and one side touching. sew along this edge.

blancket stitch

Step 4

You now have the three hearts atached to each other with one open flap. Sew the two bits that are open together.

blanket stitch felt

Step 5

Cut 6 strips of ribon at least 15 cm in leanth

ribbon strips

Step 6

We going to glue the ribbon onto the heart as ties. Put a small strip of fabric glue onto one of the bumps of one heart about 2cm long. Make sure you do this in the inside of the heart. Plave your ribbon onto the strip of glue and hold it in place. You need to do this step quite quickly as the fabric glue tends to absorb int othe felt if you take to long. Wait at least two hours for the fabric glue to dry properly

glue ribbon glue ribbon on

Step 7

Do the same to all the bumps so that you have 6 ribbons from the top of the heart, one on each bump.

Step 8

Fill your heart bag with sweets and tie the ribbons to keep the bag closed.

Heart bag
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