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Mosaic Door Hanger

Step by step on how to make mosaic door hanger, presented by Crafty Corner

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This is a great mosaic project that you can do quite quickly. It also has a practical use, as your kids can hang it on their door handle.

mosaic door hanger

What you need to make a mosaic door hanger:

  • Pre-cut door hanger
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Wood Glue
  • Marking pen
  • Two wheel cutter
  • Tile grout
  • Water
materials needed for mosaic

Step 1

Use a black marking pen or even a pencil, and write the word or name you would like to use on the door hanger. Make the letters big for visiblity and make sure you leave enough space between the letters on this mosaic project.

write name for mosaic

Step 2

Using your two wheeled cutters, start cutting up random sized bits of mosaic tiles in the colour you would like to use for your name.

cut tiles

Step 3

Glue your mosaic tiles down on the letters you have drawn. Make sure your letters are clearly defined and that there is enough space between each letter for a contrasting colour tile piece.

glue mosaic tiles for letters

Step 4

Once your letters have been mosaicked, start gluing mosaic bits around your letters in a contrasting colour.

mosaic a contrasting colour

Step 5

You can place a thin border around your mosaic door hanger if you think it will improve the design of the mosaic project.

edge of mosiac

Step 6

Fill in all the inner bits that have not yet been mosaicked. Sometimes it is easier to put your wood glue onto a small area of your backing board, and then stick your small mosaic bits directly onto that area. Be careful not to put glue on an area that is too big, otherwise the glue will start to dry and when you have to glue that area again, the mosaic tiles will become uneven in height.

Step 7

Leave your mosaic door hanger to dry overnight, after which you can grout it.

leave mosaic overnight


Follow the grouting instructions and information from Step 13 on the Mosaic Teddy on the Moon project to complete your mosaic door name hanger.

completed mosaic door hanger
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