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Mosaic Mirror

Step by step on how to make mosaic mirror, presented by Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

What you need to make mosaic mirror:

  • Mirror off-cuts
  • Large rectangular mirror piece
  • Wood glue
  • Standard glass cutter
  • Wood glue
  • Glass Stones
  • Hardboard base
  • White mosaic tile grout
  • Design for the tulips –picture

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft, and make sure you are working somewhere you can leave your work for a few hours as this is not a quick project.

Step 1

Cut out your tulip pieces. You need 12 of each piece. I found the best way to cut them out is to lay down one design on your mirror and trace around it. Move that one piece and lay it right next to the traced one so you have one cut line instead of two. Your one cut line cuts two pieces rather than tracing and cutting out each piece individually.

trace and cut mirror tulips

Step 2

Make sure that you have 12 of each of the pieces of your tulip. Sand the pieces of mirror to make your edges nice and smooth which will help to get rid of bumps if your cutting is not perfect.

Step 3

Lay your pieces of mirror down on your board and plan your design.

plan mosaic tulip design

Step 4

Place your pieces of glass stones down and plan their layout as well.

plan and layout glass stones for mosaic

Step 5

Once you are happy with the layout and you have everything spaced out correctly you can now start to glue the pieces down.

glue mosaic pieces onto board

Step 6

Make sure that your surface is level and you have space to move. Carefully lift up your pieces and glue them down with wood glue. Use a generous amount of glue on your piece and place it back where it belongs. Give it a bit of pressure to bond it to your board.

glue mosaic mirror and stones onto board

Step 7

Glue all your mirror pieces in the same manner and then do the glass stones.

Step 8

Leave your project to dry overnight

Step 9

Make the tile grouting into the colour of you choice. Follow the manufacturers instructions on how to mix and use. Generally you would want to mix water into the grout until you reach the consistency of a soft toothpaste.

mix water into grout

Step 10

Grout your entire mosaic mirror taking care to fill all the holes. It is better to rather over fill than under fill. The grouting is quite easy to remove once the project is dry.

grout mosaic tulip mirror work grout into spaces on mosaic

Step 11

Leave your mosaic mirror as is for 2 hours.

allow grout to set

Step 12

Gently wash some of the main excess grouting off. After this you can leave as is for another 5 hours minimum.

wash grout remove grout from mosaic

Step 13

Polish the mosaic with a dry cloth to clean off the excess grout and bring out the shine.

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