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Square Heart Box

Step by step on how to make square heart box, presented by Crafty Corner

For any question contact: Winnie

This heart shaped gift box is the perfect thing to make for Valentines Day!

heart box

What you need to make a square heart box:

  • Red card A4 size
  • Scissors
  • Water based glue
  • Pattern of box
  • Raffia or ribbon

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft

Step 1

After you have printed the Heart Box Pattern, cut out the grey areas and then cut along the dotted lines.

heart box pattern

Step 2

Gently fold all the bits along all the lines making sure you keep the lines straight.

fold along all lines

Step 3

Glue the three bottom squares starting from the side with the heart on top. The last square does not get glued.

glue along edges of paper card

Step 4

Start folding the paper box, taking care to place each glued square underneath the other, and making sure you don't have any glue in the inside of the box.

stick edges togeather

Step 5

Glue the flap in the middle of the box and tuck it into the box to help keep it all together. Hold the card box in this position for a few minutes to make sure it dries and stays together.

press tight till it glue stets

Step 6

Make a hole using one edge of a two hole punch on each of the bumps of the hearts.

punch holes into valentines heart box

Step 7

Thread ribbon or raffia through the holes, tying a bow in front. You could at this point tie a hand made gift tag to the Valentines Day gift box, if you like.

tie raffia or ribbon onto heart shaped valentines day gift box
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