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Pewter Key Ring

Step by step on how to make pewter keyring, presented by Joan Launspach

For any questions contact: Joan


Joan Launspach offers personalised pewter craft classes. In this step by step tutorial Joan shows you how to make a pewter keyring.

basic low relief pewter with no raised embossing

What you need to make pewter keyring:

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft.

Step 1

Stick paper pattern to pewter using masking tape. Trace pattern onto pewter using a small embossing tool. Press on a piece of felt or thin batting. The pressure of your tracing should be just a little harder than you would normally write with a pen.

trace pattern on pewter

Step 2

Remove paper pattern from pewter.

Step 3

Wearing a pair of gloves, put a little pewter patina onto batting and rub gently over pewter very quickly. Do not use too much patina and do not rub the pewter too hard.

pewter patina on batting

Step 4

Immediately polish pewter with a piece of batting dipped in Brasso. The Brasso removes the black patina and eventually exposes the silver pewter again, leaving the recesses dark with raised areas silver.

polish pewter with brasso

Step 5

Once you have removed the black patina from the pewter, polish well with a very soft cloth until the pewter shines. Carefully cut out pewter heart with a fine pair of scissors.

remove black pantina and polish pewter

Step 6

Paint the wooden heart silver with craft paint and a paintbrush.

paint heart silver

Step 7

When the paint is dry, glue pewter onto heart using pewter glue to complete your pewter heart keyring.

complete pewter keyring
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