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Melt & Pour Soap Making

Step by step on how to melt & pour soap, presented by Crafty Corner

For any questions contact us via email

homemade soap

Crafting with soap is a fun and relatively easy activity. All you need to get started is some melt and pour moulding soap, a soap mould, liquid colouring, some scented oil and a safe pan or pot to melt the soap in. There are many thngs one can use as a mould for soap making, such as chocolate moulds, plastic containers or even muffin trays!

Because of the translucency of the soap, adding decorations and creating spectacular shapes, forms and finishes with your soap is easy and fun. Soap moulds come in both one-piece and two-piece form, with various shapes and sizes to choose from.

Making beautiful handmade soap is a great way to give someone a special gift.

What you need to melt and pour soap:

  • Glass, microwave safe bowl
  • Knife to stir
  • Unfragranced Melt and Pour soap.
  • Liquid food colouring
  • Essential oils, found at health shops or the chemist
  • Moulds
  • Spray and cook
  • Microwave oven
  • Deep freeze
what you need to make melt and pour handmade soap

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft.

Step 1

Cut the melt and pour soap into small pieces and put in the glass bowl.

soap in glass bowl

Step 2

Place bowl in microwave and microwave until melted - approximately half a minute.
TIP: Do not boil the soap as the bubbles make the soap look odd.
Melt the soap until most of it has melted but there are still a few lumps unmelted. Stir gently until all the soap lumps have melted.

melt soap in microwave stir soap gently to dissolve soap lumps

Step 3

Remove from the microwave oven and add 3 drops of food colouring and a small amount of essential oils.

add food colour to the soap

Step 4

Stir the soap until the food colouring is evenly mixed.

stir colouring into soap until evenly mixed

Step 5

Spray the moulds with spray and cook, and then arrange your embellishments in the mould. You could use virtually anything in your soap, but we like using natural ingredients, such as slices of dried orange or herbs.

arrange natural embellishments in soap mould arrange decorations in mould

Step 6

Carefully pour the melted soap into the moulds, covering your embellishments.

pour soap into moulds

Step 7

Place moulds in the deep freeze until set. If you don't have a freezer you can let the soap set naturally, but they will be much harder to remove from the moulds. Once set, turn upside down and press out of the moulds.

finished melt and pour handmade soap completed homemade soap

Step 8

Your soap is done and can be wrapped in cellophane, labeled and given away as beautiful handmade gifts or sold at a craft market.