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Valentine's Wire Hearts

Step by step on how to make wire hearts for Valentines Day, presented by Crafty Corner

This wire Valentines day heart is a lot easier to make than it might seem. Working with wire can be fun and you can make stunning gifts using wire. We use standard galvanized wire that you can find at most hardware stores.

For any questions contact: Winnie

wire hearts

What you need to make Valentine's wire hearts:

  • 2mm gauge galvanized wire, about 20cm in length
  • Thin wire, about three metres
  • A few matching colour beads
  • A pair of pliers
what you will need

Step 1

Using the cutting edge of your pair of pliers, cut a 20cm length of your 2mm gauge galvanized wire.

Step 2

Turn the wire until the two bits meet at the bottom and then bend one end up at about the 2cm mark. Don't bend it back all the way, just a bit. Do the same to the other end so that the bottom of the two bits form the point of the bottom of the heart. They need to be bent at about a 45 degree angle.

shape wire and bend wire ends

Step 3

Using the cutting edge on your pliers, cut about a 30cm length of your thin wire to tie the two bottom ends together. Find the middle point and start winding the thin wire around the two bits of thick wire so that you tie the two bits together. Start in the middle and join the one side by winding the thin wire tightly around the two bits. Once the one side is tied in you can tie the other side in with the other half of the thin wire.

secure the ends of the wire heart

Step 4

We are now going to bend the top section of the wire to form the two bumps at the top. Do this by finding the middle of your bump on top of the loop. Gently start bending it down trying to force the middle section in. The wire will bend quite easily. Once you get the fold in you can shape the two bumps to look even. Make quite big bumps so that your heart is plump and round.

bend the wire into a heart shape

Step 5

Now cut a section of the thin wire approximately 1 metre in length and tie it to the bottom of the heart where we just joined the bottom bits together.

tie thin wire

Step 6

Thread some beads onto this wire at the top and bring them down to the bottom where your join is.

start threading your beads

Step 7

We are now going to start wrapping the wire around the heart in a random design, and each time we go over one side of the heart, leave a bead behind so that it is caught on the thin wire and is prevented from being able to get to the other side. Keep threading the wire around the heart and placing beads randomly.

wrap wire and beads around heart

Step 8

Every now and then you need to double the thin wire around the heart edge to secure it in place better. This is done by simply winding the thin wire around the thick bit a few times without placing a bead

. wrap wire and secure to heart

Step 9

Thread more beads and wire until you have a nice fat heart with all your beads placed just as you like them. When you are done, wind the thinner wire around the thick wire a few times, and cut it off close to the thick wire, making sure you don't have wire sticking out that could scratch or cut you.

Your Valentines Day wire wrap heart is now complete and ready to be given as a gift to someone special!

completed hearts
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