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Spiral Wire Wrap Ring

Step by step on how to make a spiral wire wrap ring, presented by: TruCreations

For any questions contact: Winnie

completed wire wrap ring

These spiral wire wrap rings are quite easy to make when you know how! They make unique jewellery pieces which are ideal as gifts for friends and family.

What you need to make a spiral wire wrap ring:

  • 20 gauge, half hard round or square sterling silver wire, 70cm length
  • Cabochon*, a comfortable ring size
  • Round-nosed pliers
  • Side-cutters
  • Flat-nosed pliers
  • 26 gauge wire for wrapping, 45cm
  • Mandrel, mascara tube, or similar.

* A cabochon is a gemstone, usually round or oval that has been polished. "Tiger's Eye", and many other semi-precious stones are good examples.

materials you need to make a spiral wire wrap ring

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft.

Step 1

Cut the 20 gauge wire into 4 equal lengths - approximately 17,5cm each.

cut wire into equal lengths

Step 2

Fold the wrapping wire in half and start wrapping in the centre of the four wires towards the outside. For stability you can use masking tape to secure the wires next to each other if this makes it easier for you to work with the wire.

wrap wire

Step 3

Make sure that the wraps are neat and close together. Tuck the ends of the wire underneath the wraps.

neat wire wraps for ring

Step 4

Use a mandrel, or in my case a mascara tube, and form the shape of the ring to your size requirement.

shape wire ring

Step 5

Crisscross the ends of the wire carefully.

cross the wire ends through each other

Step 6

With the ring on the mandrel, firmly push the wires down till they touch the base of the mandrel.

push wire down

Step 7

Continue to shape the topside of the ring on the mandrel.

shape the top of the ring

Step 8

Start to fold the wires in a crisscross pattern across one another.

fold the wires over each other

Step 9

Continue crossing the wires until all eight are done. Spread the wires equal distances from one another.

continue crossing each wire

Step 9

Use the flat nose pliers to firmly press the wires down so that there is a relatively flat platform for the cabochon to rest on.

press wires firmly

Step 10

Place the cabochon on the base and again spread the wires into position. At this point you can cut the wires if you want smaller spirals.

cabochon gem stone in centre of wire spiral wrap ring

Step 11

Start a spiral by first making a small loop at the end of each wire with your round nosed pliers, and holding the wire with the flat nosed pliers, continue to make spiral.

wrap wire into a spiral

Step 12

Continue spiralling the other wires. I spiraled the wires all in the same direction.

spiral wire in same direction

Step 13

Place the cabochon on the base of the ring and fold the spirals over, resting on the cabochon.

press cabochon gemstone onto the wire ring

Step 14

Your spiral ring is now complete! Make variations by making smaller spirals or by spiraling in different directions. There are so many unique designs you can come up with if you just exercise your creativity and play a little bit!

completed spiral wire wrap ring
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