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Building a Sandpit

Easy step by step instructions showing how to build your own sandpit to play in, presented by Crafty Corner

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Your kids have been begging you for a sandpit to play in for ages, finally you give in and decide that instead of buying a cheap plastic one, you would rather build one. Ok, but how do you do it? Easy…

What you need to build a sandpit:

  • Spade
  • 3x bags of cement
  • Building sand
  • Bricks – enough to build a square wall – 1m x 2m x 80cm high
  • Water
  • Spirit level
  • Builder's square
  • Rubber mallet
leftover building bricks building sand building stones

Step 1

First mark out where you want the sandpit to be. Ensure that when you mark the borders, that you add an extra 20cm for space to lay your bricks straight. Start digging out the hole within the markings that you have made and dig down to about 80cm deep.

Step 2

Once you have dug the hole and cleaned it out, you can now, on one side on the outside of the hole, start mixing your cement, building sand and water till you have a nice consistency. Before laying your first row of bricks, use the spirit level to check that the surface where you want to start laying your bricks is level, ie. the gound must be level. First lay down a thin foundation of cement and check again with the spirit level that it is still level, then start by laying your first row of bricks.

building bricks

Step 3

After laying the first row of bricks, use the builder's square to ensure that the corners are square. If the corners are not square, use the mallet to gently knock the bricks so that the corners are square. You can then start laying the next row of bricks.

laying bricks sandpit taking shape

Step 4

Depending on how many rows of bricks you want above ground level, you build the wall to that height. I prefer to have it just one row above ground level, this will make it easier to get the play sand into the sandpit.

wall height brick wall

Step 5

One you have completed the building of the wall, leave it for about 7 days for the cement to dry properly. Now you will see, where you laid the bricks, you still have a small gap between the brick wall and the ground on the outside. Use some of the soil that you dug out and fill this gap. You will also notice that you did not cement the base of the sandpit. The reason for this is so that when it rains, the water can drain away completely into the earth and your play sand will not become mouldy.

brick gap fill gap with soil

Step 6

Fill the sandpit with play sand until ground level, making sure that you still have one row of bricks showing above ground level. In order to keep the sand fresh and free of harmful bugs, etc. add some salt with the play sand, and when the kids are not playing in it, use a piece of canvas sheeting to cover it.