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Beaded Hanging Charm

This is a fairly easy beading project that you can do with boys and girls of most ages, 5+. Older kids should be able to do most of it on their own, but younger kids will need help and supervision during this craft.

Step-by-step on how to make a beaded hanging charm, presented by: Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

beaded hanging charm

Materials you need:

  • Beads in various colours
  • Pliers, or wire cutters
  • Flat-nose pliers
  • Thin wire (1mm)
  • Crimps
  • Three small charms
  • Charm with hole at top, and 3 holes at the bottom
what you need for beaded charm

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft. Make sure you have all required items on hand.

Step 1

Using the pliers or wire cutters, cut three strips of wire about 10-12cm long, and one piece that is a few centimetres longer.

cut trace wire with pliers cutting wire with wire cutters wires cut

Step 2

Take the longer piece of wire and place a crimp on one end.

crimp on wire

Step 3

Bend the wire over to create a loop, and thread the end back through the crimp. Make sure the loop is big enough to hang on something like a nail.

loop trace onto crimp

Step 4

Using your flat-nose pliers, squash the crimp. This prevents the loop from pulling loose. Be sure to squeeze the pliers quite hard to make sure you tighten the crimp properly.

flatten crimp with pliers

Step 5

With the crimp firmly in place, you can start beading from the loose end.

start beading

Step 6

Stop beading about 2cm from the end. Place a crimp on the wire, and then thread the top of the charm onto the wire. Make sure it is the right way round, the string we have just beaded is going to be the top, so we need to thread the charm through the side that only has one hole.

crimp decoration

Step 7

Make a loop in the wire, bend it back and thread it back through the crimp. Then crimp with flat-nose pliers.

crimp with pliers

Step 8

Take each of your remaining three wires and thread and crimp each one through one of the holes on the bottom of your charm.

crimp wire

Step 9

You should now have something that looks something like this.

beaded charm

Step 10

Bead one of the remaining wires. As you get to the end of the wire, place a crimp and a charm on the end, bend the wire back, thread back through the crimp and crimp closed with pliers.

charms on beads

Step 11

Your charm should now look like this.

beading charm

Step 12

Repeat Step 10 with the remaining two strands of wire, your charm is now complete and is now ready to be hung up in your bedroom.

completed beaded decoration
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