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Mobius Strip

This isn't really a craft, but a fantastic way to keep kids busy for hours as their minds are baffled by this simple loop with a twist!

Step by step tutorial with full instructions showing you how to make an educational kids paper Mobius Strip, presented by Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

mobius strips

What you will need:

What you need

Step 1

Stick the two ends of the paper together, making sure you give it one half-twist. This is called a Mobius Strip.
glue edge stick ends with twist mobius strip

Step 2

Using your pencil, draw a line down the centre of the strip. Notice how you can draw on both sides of the strip without lifting your pencil, showing that the Mobius Strip actually only has one side.
Draw line down middle draw line both sides

Step 3

Using a scissors, cut along the line, cutting the strip in half. Notice what happens. You actually havenít cut the strip in half Ė but have created a strip twice as long and with two full twists along the length! Wow, how did that happen?
cut along line long loop

Step 4

Using your scissors, again cut along the middle of the strip. You should now have two interlocking loops, both with two full twists. Intriguing, isnít it!?
cut down middle interlocking loops

What happens when you make your first loop with more twists in it before cutting it in half? Can you see any difference between the loops you create that have an odd or an even number of twists in them? What differences can you observe?

many loops
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