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Step by step tutorial with full instructions on how to make a Volcano, presented by Crafty Corner

This is a really fun, educational craft to do with kids of all ages. Apart from just being fun, they will also learn about chemical reactions.
The volcano can get really messy, so it is a good idea to build your erupting volcano outside.

For any questions contact: Winnie

erupting volcano

What you will need:

What is needed to make volcano

Read through all the instructions first before starting your volcano. Make sure you have everything you need at hand and your working area is clean and tidy. Cover your surface with plastic or brown paper.

Step 1

Using the funnel, half fill one of the bottles with vinegar .

Add the vinager to the bottle

Step 2

Then add the red food colouring to the vinager.

Pour the red food colourin into the vinager

Step 3

Use the funnel again to put 3-4 spoons of bicarb into the other bottle.

Pour the bicarb into the volcano bottle

Step 4

Place the same bottle in the middle of the plate as the volcano. Pile the sand around it, using a little bit of water to make the sand a little muddy so that it all sticks together nicely.

Build up the volcano with the sand

Step 5

Using the funnel, carefully pour some of the coloured vinegar into the bottle with the bicarb, then remove the funnel quickly.

Pour the vinager and food colouring in to the volcano Watch how it all comes together

Step 6

Stand back and watch how all your hard work comes together, watch how the volcano erupts! watch the volcano
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