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Silicone rubber moulded Crazy Clay embellishments

Step-by-step on how to make silicone rubber moulded Crazy Clay embellishments, presented by: Crafty Corner

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What you need to make silicone rubber moulded crazy clay embellishments:

silicon rubber moulded crazy clay embellishments

Step 1

Open your tub of crazy clay and break off a small section of one of the colours.


Step 2

Press a little piece of Crazy Clay firmly into your silicone mould.

press crazy clay into mould

Step 3

Keep adding little bits of Crazy Clay until you fill your mould. You can also add different colours to give the item a multicolour finish.

filling silicon mould with crazy clay filling silicon mould with different colours

Step 4

Finish off the embellishment by flattening the back of the item and ensuring that it is level with the mould.

flatten off back of crazy clay levelling back of embellishment

Step 5

Leave the embellishment for about 30 min to partially dry. Once they are dry you can the turn the mould over and peel it back so that the Crazy Clay embellishments fall out of the silicone rubber mould

leaving crazy clay to dry removing crazy clay from mould.jpg

Step 6

Leave for a further 2 hours to completely dry before handling.

crazy clay items drying crazy clay two colour butterfly