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Handbag Notebook and Pen Holder

Step-by-step on how to make a handbag notebook and pen holder using scrapbooking materials, presented by:

shoestring scrapbooking

For any questions contact: Canica

mothers day gift

The kits for this project are available from Shoestring Scrapbooking

What you will need to make a handbag notebook and pen holder:

  • Wooden handbag cut-out
  • Patterned paper
  • Plain paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pegs
  • Double-sided tape
  • Ribbon
  • Glue that dries clear

This is a fantastic and practical project, and will make an ideal gift for mom on Mother's Day. We will start by making the tear-off notebook first.

Step 1

Start by cutting out the number of pages you are going to need for your note book. You will determine the size of your paper according to your project. Remember to cut all your pages exactly the same size. Also cut out a backing for your notebook from cardboard, this must be the same size as your pages.

cut paper to size to make a notebook

Step 2

Stack all your pages neatly on top of each other, making sure the backing is at the bottom.

stack cut out pages on top of each other

Step 3

Use the pegs to secure your stacked paper.

secure pages with pegs or clamps

Step 4

Smear the clear drying glue (such as wood glue) all over the top edge of your pages, making sure that all the pages will stick to each other. Set aside to dry.

smear glue on top of pages

Step 5

While the note book is drying, it is time to start on the handbag.

Step 6

Place your handbag on t your pretty patterned paper, trace it and then cut out the handbag shape from the paper.

handbag wooden cut out

Step 7

Cover your wooden handbag with double sided tape, and then place your cut-out patterned paper onto the handbag cutout. The double sided tape should keep it in place.

cover handbag with double sided tape stick your pretty patterned paper into place

Step 5

Create a loop using the ribbon and stick it to the back of the notebook. This is for your pen.

glue a loop of ribbon for the pen holder

Step 6

Now you can glue your note book into place. Add some more pretty patterned paper, flowers, beads or embellishments of your choice to add texture and you are done.
A perfect gift for mom this Mothers Day!

pretty patterned paper mothers day gift

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