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Recycled Beer Bottle Lamp

Step by step instructions showing how to make your own Recycled Beer Bottle Lamp, presented by Crafty Corner

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Use all your old beer bottles that you have lying around to make yourself a stunning and environmentally sound candle or lamp shade.


What you need to make a recycled beer bottle candle shade:

  • 16 washed beer bottles with the labels soaked off. They must be the same brand.
  • Silicone glue. Clear shower sealant is fine and available from hardware stores or supermarkets. I used the large tube, but if you are just making one shade, the 90ml tube is more than enough.
  • A jar or any tubular object that can be used as a template. Eight bottles must fit around the template jar snuggly. This helps keep your circle round and even. I used an old Ball preserve jar.

Step 1

Lay a line of glue down one side of a beer bottle. Only on the wide body of the bottle not the neck. Place the beer bottle next to the template jar with the glue on the side of the bottle.

Beer Bottle Candle Shade 3 OS

Step 2

Lay a line of glue on a second bottle and then gently press it up against the glue on the first bottle with the second strip of glue facing the same way as on the first bottle.

Beer Bottle Candle Shade 4 OS (2)

Step 3

Glue all the bottles together this way until you have eight bottles all around the template jar. Glue another ring of eight beer bottles together and leave both rings to set overnight.

Beer Bottle Candle Shade 7 OS (2)

Step 4

The next day, turn one of the rings of beer bottles upside down and gently slide the necks of the one ring in between the necks of the right side up ring. They should fit snuggly, and hey presto! A recycled beer bottle candle shade.

recycled Beer Bottle Candle shade

Step 5

Now it is time to get creative. Decorate your recycled candle shade with beads, bottle tops, shells, stones or whatever you would like. Place a pillar candle inside and you have a fun patio light. Get technical and insert an electric light, decorate with bottle tops you have a great bar gift for the man who has everything!

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