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Mirror Pot

Step by step instructions showing how to make your own Mirror Pot, presented by Crafty Corner

For any questions contact us via email

Have you ever had an old bathroom mirror lying around and wondered what you could do with it other than throw it in the trash? Well, follow our simple step-by-step to turn your trash into a classy flower pot with a difference!


What you need to make a mirror pot:

  • Hotglue glue gun
  • Lots of old mirror, about 500g. You can also order pre-cut lengths of mirror from Crafty Corner
  • Glass cutter
  • Pot

Step 1

Hold the glass cutter firmly against the old mirror and cut into long lengths. Be sure not to make them more than 5cm wide.

cut mirror into stips

Step 2

Measure the long strips against your pot and cut each strip to the height of the pot.

glass cutter

Step 3

Place a good, wide strip of hot glue on your pot and place your strip of pre-cut mirror onto the glue, press firmly and hold until glue is set.

hot glue gun

Step 4

Keep placing your strips on the pot, making sure that the base of the mirror strips touch and that you leave a gap at the top to compensate for the shape of the pot.

mirror squares

Step 5

Cut your leftover strips further so that they fit the top of the pot, these pieces will be more or less square.


Step 6

If you wish to you can now grout your pot as we did with our mosaic Teddy on the Moon, or you can leave it as it is.