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Mosaic craft kits for kids

mosaic heart

Easy step by step mosaic craft kits for kids. All the pictures are pre-drawn onto a wooden backing board so the picture comes out correct. The mosaic tiles are pre-cut, so no cutting is required. The bits of glass do not have very sharp edges so you need not worry about kids cutting themselves on the glass. These kits are perfect for kids craft party days, or even just as a fun craft to learn a new skill. We have a selection of designs to choose from.

We are able to offer discounts for orders over 20 units.

Board size 15cm by 15cm

To order or discuss your ideas and requirements, please contact us via email

Price R50 each in project packaging. R80 each for gift packaged craft kits.

Please note, image is a representation, actual colour selection may vary.

Designs to choose from:
mosiac kids kit of a bird picture of a completed dragonfly mosaic kit picture of a completd mosaic kit of a flower laser cut out mosaic dolphin kit mosaic fish kit on a laser cut design cow kids mosaic kit bear mosaic kit sheep mosaic kit
picture of a coulful cross made with mosaics picture of a mosic butterly kids mosaic rocket design kit on laser cut mosaic blank laser cut out mosaic butterfly kit kids monkey mosaic kit chicken mosaic kit