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Kids sand art craft kits

sand art kits

Guaranteed to keep kids entertained for ages! Even the little ones can have fun with colours and textures as they create a beautiful picture using coloured sand. The best part is you really can't end up with a bad end-result, even if you cannot yet colour inside the lines! You peel of a small piece of sticky paper at a time and colour it, so the picture doesn't lose definition. There are so many designs to choose from to eg. baby dolphin, best friends, boot, brats, butterfly, cow, dalmation, dolphins, funky-girl, giraffe, Hello Kitty, horse, Lady and the Tramp, Little Mermaid, Maya the Bee, Nemo, Tinkerbell, Tweety, Winnie the Phoo and more!

We are able to offer discounts for orders over 50.

To order or discuss your ideas and requirements, please contact us via email

Price R18 each. R15 each for over 50 Sand Art kits

Designs to choose from:

baby dolphin sand art kit
Baby Dolphin
cow sand art
hello kitty sand art
Hello kitty
nemo sand art kits
best friends sand art kits
Best friends
dalmation sand art
horse sand art
tinkerbell sand art kit
boot sand art kit
Lady and the tramp sand art kit
Lady and the tramp
tinkerbell snad art 2
Tinkerbell 2
brats sand art kits
funky hair sand art
Funky girl
little mermaid sand art kit
Little mermaid
tweety sand art
butterfly sand art kits
girrafe sand art
mia the bee sand art kit
Mia the bee
winnie the phoo sand art
Winnie the poo