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Kids Party Garland

Step by step instructions showing you how to make your own beautiful party garland decorations, presented by Crafty Corner

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kids party garland

Create the perfect party vibe! In this quick and easy kids upcycling project, we will use old bits of wool and ribbon to create a Party Garland!

What you need to make party garland:

  • Old lengths of wool
  • Old lengths of ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Work surface

Step 1

Gather all of your old bits of wool, ribbon and your scissors onto your working surface.

kids party garland materials

Step 2

You will need to cut your bits of wool into equal lengths using your scissors. We cut them into strips about 10cm in length. The number of lengths of wool you need depends on how long your finished party garland needs to be, the longer the garland, the more wool you will need to cut.

cut wool for garland cut wool for kids party garland

Step 3

Now take one or two lengths of each colour and line them up.

party garland colours garland party colours

Step 4

Use another length of wool to wrap around the bunch of coloured strands of wool, wrapping it at the middle of the bunch (i.e. about 5cm).

kids party garland colours

Step 5

Tie a knot here, securing all of the strands on the bunch, at the middle. Make a double knot to make sure it is secure and won't shift.

tie know on party garland kids party garland wool

Step 6

Now, grasping the folded bunch of wool, lift one end of the knot from under your finger, to create a loop as illustrated.

kids party garland loop

Step 7

Now take the other end of the knot and wrap it around the folded over section, securing the first end of the knot inside the wrap. Wrap until you have a short length left and tie to the first knot end, securing the wrap in place.

kids party garland loop and knot

Step 8

Cut off any excess wool bits with your scissors.

Repeat this process (Step 3 7) until you have a number of little upcycled tassels for your garland.

cut wool on kids party garland

Step 9

When you have many tassels you can start placing then on the ribbon.

Start by threading the ribbon through the loop on a tassel. Tie a knot in the ribbon, over the tassel loop, to secure it into position. Now repeat this, threading the ribbon through the other tassels and tying a knot over them, at evenly spaced intervals on your ribbon.

thread garland onto ribbon thread garland onto ribbon tie knot in ribbon to secure garland

Step 10

With the number of tassels you create, you could fill the length of the ribbon that you have chosen, or you can spce it out for a more sparse look, this is up to you!

Once you have filled up your ribbon with tassels, your party garland is complete and ready to hang up for a cool party!

kids party garland