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Elf Finger Puppet

Step-by-step on how to make an Elf finger puppet, presented by Crafty Corner

For any questions contact us via email

completed christmas elf

What you will need:

  • Elf pattern
  • Dark green felt
  • Pieces of red felt
  • Peach felt
  • Scissors
  • Construction glue
  • Ice-cream stick
  • Pins (optional)
  • Decorations/sequins for eyes

Step 1

Cut out the body pattern for the Elf felt finger puppet from the pattern template. Templates are available through Winnie, or you could even make up your own.

finger puppet template cut out finger puppet template

Step 2

Using the pins, pin the paper template on top of the dark green felt, or hold it firmly in place with your hand.

pin paper template

Step 3

Cut out the body section from the dark green felt. Repeat this so that you have two cut out body sections.

green felt elf

Step 4

Glue the 2 body sections together by placing glue on the ice cream stick and applying glue on the edges of the felt body. Gently place the two sections together. Remember to leave the bottom area open as this is where your finger will be inserted.

glue along edge of body glue felt body parts together

Step 5

From the template, cut out the section for the face and pin to the peach felt. Cut out the face from the peach felt.

cut out face from template

Step 6

Using the ice cream stick, apply glue to the face and stick it on top of the elf's body.

glue face glue fingerpuppet face onto body

Step 7

From your paper fingerpuppet template, cut out the paper design for the hat, pin the paper hat template to the dark green felt, and then cut out the design of the hat from the felt using your scissors.

felt elf hat

Step 8

Apply the glue to the bottom of the hat with the ice cream stick.

glue the elf hat

Step 9

Stick the hat on top of the elf's head.

glue hat onto face and body

Step 10

Cut out the circle template, pin or hold it on the white felt, and then cut out a white circle of felt. Stick this on the end of the elf's hat.

Step 11

Make two tiny blobs with glue on the face of the elf and glue the sequins into place to create the eyes.

glue eyes into place use sequins to create the fingerpuppet's eyes

Step 12

From the template, cut out the ears and pin to the peach felt. With the scissors cut out the ear pieces from the peach felt, and stick them into place.

cut out elf ears from peach felt

Step 13

From the template cut out the mouth piece. Attach with pins to red felt and cut out the mouth with scissors. Glue into place.

Step 14

Your Christmas elf fingerpuppet is now complete!

completed elf finger pupper