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Recycled tin can candle holders

Step by step showing how to recycle old tin cans into candle holders, presented by Crafty Corner

For any questions contact us via email

Recycling is easy to do when you see how easy it is to use all your old tin cans to make stunning candle holders! There is no excuse to throw away another tin can again!

tin can candle holders

What you need to make your recycled tin can candle holders:

  • Tins
  • Pva paint
  • Paint brush
  • Cotton string
  • Drill

Step 1

Make sure all your tin cans are rinsed and dry, and ready to be upcycled.
Paint the tin a bit on the inside so when you put it down you canít see the tin colour on the inside

paint the tin can on the inside

Step 2

Paint the outside of the tin so there are no patches

paint the tin painted tin

Step 3

paint a design on the tin with your paint brush. If you not confident enough to do this without a outline you can take a design and use carbon paper to transfer it onto the tin and then you can just colour it in.

draw a design thick outline

Step 4

Once the tin is fully dry scratch the whole tin on a hard lumpy surface, we used bricks to give it that rough old look.

scratch in bricks

Step 5

Use a drill to make holes around the outline of your design to thread the string through.

drill holes

If you dont have a drill you can use a hammer and spike

punch holes in tin

Step 6

Put the tips of the thread in some candle wax, wet your fingers and pull the thread through your fingers. This help you have a nice hard tip on the end of the cotton to make threading through the holes easier.

candle wax thread tip pull through your fingers

Step 7

Thread the string through the shape in and out of the punched holes.

tread string through thread string

Step 8

Tie a bow once you are done and you have a tin can candle holder.

tie a bow final tin can candle holder