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Milk Bottle Gift Box

Easy step by step instructions showing how to make your own upcycled gift box by recycling milk bottles, presented by Crafty Corner

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complete recycled gift box

Upcycle your old milk bottles into a functional and pretty gift box!

Most people use milk, and it is a pity that so many plastic milk bottles end up on landfill sites. Before throwing your plastic bottles away, first stop to see if there is a way to upcycle or recycle it. With this project we turned an old plastic milk bottle into an upcycled gift box, completely transforming the plastic bottle into a new, functional item that you can use.

Follow our easy step by step instructions and see how easy it is to make your own upcycled milk bottle gift box!

What you will need:

  • A 2l milk bottle
  • Various coloured ribbons
  • Tissue paper, in colours to match your ribbons
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Punch
  • Pen / marker
  • Working surface

Step 1

Take your recycled milk bottle, rinse it out properly and remove the label.

washed plastic milk bottle remove label from plastic milk bottle

Step 2

Use your craft knife and or scissors to cut the top of the bottle completely off (use the plastic moulding line on the bottle as a guide). It is easier if you first make a small incision with your craft knife, and insert your scissors into the incision to cut around the plastic bottle.

cut milk carton cut milk carton

Step 3

Hold the base of your milk bottle, and using your scissors, cut four incisions, one at each corner of the milk bottle. Cut right down and stop just before the bottom ridge (plastic moulding line).

cut plastic milk bottle using scissors

Step 4

Using your marker pen, draw a curve on each flap (created in Step 3) to create rounded corners on each flap.

You need to mark the two sides (narrower flaps) so that the height of each is about 5cm. Then mark the one long side (without the date stamp) so that the height is at about 6cm. Now mark the 'lid' flap (which is the side with the date print) at about 9cm in height.

side of plastic milk bottle milk bottle giftbox back of recycled plastic milk bottle

Step 5

Using your scissors, trim the corners off now to creat the rounded flaps.

TIP: Ensure that you cut your marker lines off, or that you can rub them off. You can use methylated spirts to clean off permanent marker lines, otherwise they will look unsightly on your finished product.

plastic gift box

Step 6

Save the trimmed bits of plastic. Looking at your plastic milk bottle offcuts, find a nice, big piece.

plastic milk bottle gift box offcuts plastic milk bottle offcuts

Step 7

Fold the piece of plastic in half. Cut a heart shape (or any other shape you desire) from this. Use your scissors to cut half the heart shape and fold open to reveal the finished heart. Then you can punch a hole through the heart shape to create your upcycled name card!

fold plastic milk bottle in half cut heart from recycled milk plastic bottle

Step 8

Back to your upcycled gift box. Fill the box with some coloured tissue paper and then your chosen gift!

coloured tissue paper in recycled plastic giftbox

Step 9

We can begin folding the gift box closed.

Fold the two short sides in first, and then the front (side with no date stamp).

fold flaps of recycled palstic gift box fold flap on recycled plastic milk bottle gift box

Step 10

Lastly, fold the back flap down to create the lid (side with the date stamp), and the place a length of ribbon around the shorter width of the box and tie a knot to keep the lid flap down.

fold lid of upcycled plastic milk bottle gift box folded plastic milk bottle gift box

Step 11

Thread a length of ribbon through your recycled plastic heart. Add further ribbons should you wish, around the wider width of the box, for added impact, and then tie your heart shape name card (with name printed on) to the final product.

thread ribbon through recycled heart upcycled gift box with ribbons

Step 12

Wonderful! You have successfully created a beautifully functional upcycled gift box made by recycling an old plastic milk bottle!

complete recycled gift box