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Silicone moulds and Services

Silicone moulds can be used in a vast array of applications, the general rule is that silicone is best for low volume replications of objects. With itís low shrinkage and ability to copy detail makes it ideal for most casting applications added to the ability to handle a large range of temperatures. There are many types of silicones we are sure to be able to supply you with so contact us and let us find the one suitable for your needs. Silicone can also be used in a verity of applications as a end product and not just as a mould.

Common casting materials used in silicone include but not exclusively: Chocolate, icing, resin, plaster of paris, wax, pewter, polymer clay, soaps and cement to name a few

At our Crafty Corner studio we make custom moulds on request, these are include moulds made from, but not exclusively, Polyester resin, 3D printed, Silicone.

For more information and quotes please contact Mark on 082 855 2236 or

Gallery of moulds and moulded items

Om silicone mould

This silicone mould was created from a part originally 3D printed and then turned into a split silicone mould. Silicone mould can be used for soaps, wax, resins, and cements, almost anything you can imagine that is the versatility of silicone Added August 2019

picture of a cande with the om symbol

3d Printed 2 piece mould

This mould will be sued in making boxing glove key rings out of silicone rubber for the local boxing club called Jab

3d ptinted 2 part mould

Floating candels

Floating rose candles made in a silicone mould and out of wax.

rose candles made from wax in a silicone mould

Buddha candle

Buddha candles made from wax in a single piece split silicone mould

Silicone moulded buddha candle

Ganesha wax statue

These Ganesha wax statues were made as wedding invitations and as candles as well, the master mould was a single piece silicone mould.

silicone moulded ganesh statue