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Silicone candle moulds

With itís low shrinkage and ability to copy detail makes it ideal for most casting applications added to the ability to handle a large range of temperatures. There are many types of silicones we are sure to be able to supply you with so contact us and let us find the one suitable for your needs. Silicone can also be used in a verity of applications as a end product and not just as a mould.

Common casting materials used in silicone include but not exclusively: Chocolate, icing, resin, plaster of paris, wax, pewter, polymer clay, soaps and cement to name a few

3d printed design for soap mouldssilicone soap mould and support wallpicture of final soap after been made in silicone mould

Bubble ball mould

Soap moulds

Popular usage for silicone is using it to make soap moulds. The advantage been not only can you add in high level of detail in the form of company logo or a name or even a graphic of sorts but also the face that the soap releases a lot faster from the mould than in traditional plastic mould enabling you to have a higher turn around. Silicone soap moulds also due to the heat resistance capability of the silicone means that you do not have to be overly concerned about the temperature you pour your soap at unlike plastic moulds that should never go higher than 80 deg centigrade. Silicone can go up to 180 deg centigrade.

sea shell that has been hand crafted for a chocolate mould

Chocolate moulds

Silicone rubber can be used for confectionary items like chocolate and icing, though you have to make use of food grade silicone for this (platinum cure silicone). For the same reasons you find in the soap moulds, detail flex and turnaround time silicone rubber is ideal for the industry. Though it must be noted that the silicone rubber that is used in the making of backing trays is a vastly different manufacturing process and cannot be done at our facilities as it requires pressure and heat.

fiberglass and silicone rubber cement mould of a rhino head


Silicone rubber is known for its flexibility, attention to details and durability when it comes to abrasive products such as cement. With the appropriate design awareness silicone can be used for cement moulding such as ornaments and stepping stones. It offers good resistance to the cement and chemical processes involved.

a resin stature with a bronze finish


As with all silicone moulds the flexability and ability to work with high levels of detail make it a versatile product, this is shown but the number of options above and including various resin casting processes as well. Silicone can be used with normal casting resin, epoxy resin and even urethane resins and out particular favorite been Material one which is a water based resin offering similar strength properties to normal fiberglass resin while at the same time been vastly more environmentally friendly and less toxic to work with.