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Crafty Corner - the fun side of inspired crafts!

We are a creative team, ready to take on any challenge, from custom made corporate gifting to large commissions, craft related teambuilding events, kids craft parties, classes and so much more!

What we offer:
  • Teambuilding events - Crafty Corner offers a range of creative teambuilding experiences: art on canvas, creative mosaics, beading, fabric or glass painting.

  • Corporate gifts - Crafty Corner's team of crafters are masters at creating custom, handmade corporate gifts to suit any budget. All items handmade to your specifications.

  • Designs, patterns and templates - Crafty Corner has high resolution jpgs and vector designs for using as patterns and templates for your crafts.

  • Kids craft activities - Kids love to learn, interact and be creative. We run family fun days, kids craft parties and have really cool kids craft kits!

  • Commissions - Crafty Corner specialises in the creation of once-off, unique, handmade creations: worlds largest chocolate bunny, TV props, set-building and more!

Advertizing on Crafty Corner home page

All adverts or banners that you would like to place on the Crafty Corner homepage will have to be discussed in detail. We prefer not to have advertising on this page to make sure the site is clean and easy to navigate. However should you wish to place a banner or advert here we are open to offers.

Advertizing on Catogory pages of Crafty Corner

  • Landing pages are related to the main subdivisions on Crafty Corner i.e. the Crafts, DIY, Recycling, Kids pages, etc...
  • We only allow banners on the right hand side of the page. Banner size is 180 by 200 px.
  • The price per banner is R300 per month with minimum of 6 months subscription.
  • catogory page.... Crafts page

Advertizing on the Step by step pages of Crafty Corner

  • These are the pages that each detailed step by step is on and here products, services or brands can be linked promoted and optimized
  • Banners are only allowed on the right hand side of the page. This will ensure good visibility to our visitors to the page. The banner size is 180 by 200 pix.
  • The price per banner is R100 per month with minimum of 3 months subscription.
  • Step by step page ... DIY 3 pin plug

Advertizing your products within the Step by step product requierments of Crafty Corner projects

  • With each step by step we have a list of requirements, we could highlight your brand or product here.
  • We link your product page to the item needed with a (Click here) to get the products, giving you direct access to our visitors to the page.
  • R50 per link per product per month.
  • Take a look at this example. Silicone moulding
    • Under requirements list there is a small banner 40 px by 100 px that opens a mail to request this product, the link can take you to a website or webpage if you prefer.

Step by steps commissioned specifically for you.

  • We write the step by steps using your tools and products but we make ensure that we write the content with Search Engine Optimization in mind.
  • Crafty Corner has an expert web development team that work very closely as a team, with that in mind it ensures our pages are well optimized and found on Google.
  • We would use specific phrases or product names that we would place as a keyword and give weight to it. This makes it easier for the webpage to be found when someone searches for that word or phrase on Google.
  • You could supply the products you want us to review or we could do reviews with products we have available.
  • You could suggest projects and concepts you would like us to develop for you.
  • This would cost R2500 for the step by step, that includes doing the write up and to code it onto our website.
  • You could then add banners and other links to this page at the rates provided.
  • Crafty Corner currently received over 18 000 visitors per month to our website purely from our strength in search engine optimization.
  • Here is an example:

    Do a google search for DouglasDale milk bottles.... In google Crafty corner web page comes up just after douglasdale themselves and in images you will see pics of our products made from the milk bottles.

    Take a look at this page as a reference... Milk Bottle Floating Clock

Crafty Corner currently received over 18 000 visitors per month to our website purely from our strength in search engine optimization.

All banners are static so remain the same for the duration of the subscription, we do not allow rotating banners so you are guaranteed your brand or product will be seen in context to the activity.

More than one company can advertise on one page, as we use a vast number of products, we can link your product or brand to the activity ensuring effective Search Engine Optimization.
E.g. Ponal for the glue, Heritage for the modge podge and Timber City for the wood etc…