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Beading Tools Article

Beading tools

Beading Tools

This is the first article and we will start with the basic beading tools that you will require. I will cover all aspects of creating everything, from necklaces to key chains and tablecloth weights.

  1. For bead containers, I use see-through, rectangular, plastic cups that fit into one another to make storage easier, but you can use whatever container works for you. I strongly recommend that you sort your beads by colour. Some might want to sort by colour and type, although I find that if I sort by colour only, I get the most amazing texture and bead type combinations all in one creation.
  2. I also strongly recommend that you buy your beads at different stores once you start, you’ll see that some stores stock large quantities of beads that you use a lot and other stores might specialize in special findings and have limited quantities.
  3. I do not make duplicates, as I promote individualism. Every piece is its own masterpiece.
Round-nose pliers

Make sure these have secure grips and fit comfortably in your hand.

Round nose pliers
Flat-nose pliers or crimping pliers

Make sure these have secure grips and fit comfortably in your hand. The flat edges are useful in crimping, an essential beading technique.

flat nose pliers

Get a strong, comfortable grip side-cutter with sharp ends to ensure easy cutting of wire. I do not recommend cutting chain with your side cutter, as this will cause it to become blunt. See no. 5 for a chain cutting tool.

side cutters
Round-nose chain cutters

Use this cutter only to cut chain, not wire, and do not use your side-cutter to cut chain. This cutter can become blunt if you cut wire with it.

round nose chain cutter
Tiger Tail wire

I recommend starting with this jewellery wire as it is versatile and virtually unbreakable. Recommended diameter 0.35 to 0.38 mm. They come in a range of colours - I usually just use the matt silver coloured wire.

tiger tail wire
Head pins and Eye pins

Head pins and eye pins come in different lengths sizes and materials.

head pins eye pins
Shepherd's Hook

Shepherd’s hooks also come in different sizes and materials, choose the ones best suited for what you wish to make.

shepherd's hook
Jewellery chain

Bronze and Silver plated chain.

jewellery chain jewellery chain