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Step-by-step bead projects

button Valentines Day Keyring
beaded valentines day keyring

Show your love & appreciation to someone special by making a handmade beaded keyring for Valentines Day, something they can use every day.

button Valentines Bracelet
beaded valentines day bracelet

Show your special Valentine just how much you love them, by taking the time out to create something very special and personal for them to wear.

button Handbag Jewelry
handbag jewelery

This is a great way for ladies to personalize and beautify their handbags!

button Hairpins
hairpins project

Create a variety of your own hairpins to impress at any occasion. Simple, easy to do and stunning!

button Chain Necklace
chain necklace

This thorough beading step-by-step guide shows you just how to make your own custom chain necklace.

button Floating Necklace
flating necklace

Floating necklaces are elegant and simple to make. Follow these instructions and go out in style in no time.

Articles On Beading

Beading Tools

Lets start with the basic beading tools that you will require. I will cover all aspects of creating everything from necklaces to key chains and table cloth weights.

I use see-through rectangular plastic cups that fit into one another to store beads. The see-through cups are ideal as you can see the colour and shape of the beads without having to guess which tub they are in, but you can use whatever container works for you. I strongly recommend that you sort your beads by colour. Some might want to sort by colour and type, although I found that if I sort by colour only, I get the most amazing texture and bead type .... Beading tools

Types Of Beads

In this article I discuss some of the different kinds of beads you find on this vast market. Needless to say, I am only covering the most common types, otherwise it will take thousands of pages.
By now you have familiarized yourself with and acquired the basic beading tools and hopefully started scouting around for all different types, shapes, sizes and kinds of beads. Read more on types of beads

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button Beading Tools
button Types of beads

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