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Chain Necklace

Step-by-step on how to make chain necklace as presented by: Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

completed chain necklace

What you need to make a chain necklace:

  • 40cm piece of chain
  • 25cm piece of chain
  • Selection of fire polished beads
  • Headpins
  • Lobster clasp
  • Jump ring
  • Finding – I am using an earring piece for the pendant

ecerythign  you will need

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft.

Step 1

Plan your piece of jewellery on a flat surface. You will find that often times you plan a piece, but when it comes to putting it all together you need to improvise and change the design a little. This is what I have planned on making.

Step 2

Start with creating your pendant. Put your centre bead onto a headpin and make a small hook as close to the top of the bead as possible. Cut off the excess wire of the headpin and close your hook.

threading bead onto pinhead

Step 3

Make a small hook on the piece of excess wire you cut off and close it around the first hook you made


make a cmall hook end

Step 4

Thread your next bead onto the wire and make another hook as close to the top of it as possible. Repeat this to add more beads to your pendant.

thread you next bead onto the wire

Step 5

If you need more wire, just cut the flat tip of one of your headpins off. You will need to do this with a few headpins for this piece.

Step 6

Your pendant starts to take its form

pendantcutting head pin

Step 7

My pendant is almost done. I just need to attach the bead at the top of my pendant.


Step 8

Make a hook on a piece of wire and attach it to the top of your pendant. When you make a loop at the top of this bead, make it large enough to fit through two rings of your chain.

make another wire hook

Step 9

Open a link on your 40cm piece of chain, using your pliers and forefingers.

open chain link

Step 10

Attach 3 links of the chain to one side of the pendant, through the larger hook on the top of your bead on top of your pendant. Do this twice, to create both sides of the chain simultaneously.

attach links

Step 11

Make a small hook and attach it to the end of your loose chain. This is the same method that you used to create your pendant. You are making hooks and adding beads to create your chain. I have spaced my beads with 4 links of chain between beads.

hook loose chain

Step 12

Once you have attached two beads with chain on either side of the pendant, it is a good idea to link up the rest of the chain and place it on a bust. This will give you an idea of what your piece will look like when wearing it.

chain with beads

Step 13

I decided to leave out a few beads from my original idea, and added the extra piece of chain by opening up a link in my 25cm piece of chain and joining it to the necklace. You can decide how you want it to hang around your neck, and count the number of links accordingly.

extra chain

Step 14

Measure the length of your chain, the average length is 48cm but you can make it shorter or longer to suit you or a friend.

measure extra length and cut

Step 15

Open your jump ring.

open jump ring

Step 16

Attach your jump ring and lobster clasp to the end of your chain, and close it.

attache lobster clasm to chain

Step 17

Your unique piece of jewellery is complete. I have used a lobster clasp and chain big enough to act as a jump ring for the other end. This allows me to adjust my chain accordingly, as some days I may want it to be longer than others, eliminating the need for extension chain.

completed neck lace

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