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Curtain Tie-back for Girl's Room

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a beaded curtain tie-back, as presented by: Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie
completed bracelet

What you need to make a curtain tie-back:

  • Wire
  • Side-cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • A selection of beads
  • Clasps
what you need

Step 1

Take a 20cm piece of wire and add a big bead (in your choice of colour) to the one end. Place a bead with a big centre over the end to hide the wire.

big bead on wire

Step 2

Add a smaller bead onto the wire. You may want to see if you can match the colour of your small beads to the colour of your curtains.

pink bead

Step 3

Add a bigger bead in a clear or neutral colour.

thread big bead

Step 4

Add four smaller beads in a variety of colours, or try to match the beads to the colour of your room.

add small beads

Step 5

Cut your wire about 1cm away from your last bead. Make a loop with your wire on top of your beads.

wire loop

You need to make two of these for each tie-back

Step 6

Take a 50cm piece of wire (or beading trace), and add a clasp on one side by threading it through the loop of the clasp. Fold it over and clamp it shut with a crimp.


Step 7

Fill the beading trace with beads, following a design of your choice. I have chosen a repetitive nine bead pattern.

bead pattern

Step 8

When you are done, close your tie-back by adding a crimp onto the beading trace. Fold the beading trace over and back through the clasp. You can thread it back into some beads if you like. Crimp it closed.

crimp tie-back

Step 9

Choose where you want your pendants to hang. Gently open up your hook, hook in place and close the hook again.

completed curtain tie-backs
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