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Beaded Handbag Jewelry

Step-by-step guide on how to make beaded jewelry for your handbag, presented by Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

Handbag jewelry has become a trend for many women. Not only does it brighten up and enhance the beauty of your handbag, but it also serves as something to grip onto when you need quick and easy access to the cash (or lipstick!) inside your handbag. It especially comes in handy with that last minute decision to buy a newspaper at a green robot, or when you need to reach for your cellphone in a rush, standing in line at the bank or post office.

complete jewelry

What you will need:

  • An assortment of beads (in a variety of shapes and sizes in colours of your choice)
  • 10cm piece of nickel or bronze chain
  • Handbag clip or keyring attachment (bronze or nickel)
  • Headpins
  • Wire cutter
  • Snipe nosed pliers
  • Imagination!

Step 1

Lay out your piece of chain, and plan your design by placing beads where you wish to add them to the chain.

Layout chain and beads

Step 2

Use your wire cutter to cut off the flat tips of a few headpins.

cut tips headpins

Step 3

Use your wire cutter to cut your 10cm piece of chain in half.

cut chain in half

Step 4

Use your snipe nosed pliers to make a rounded hook.

round hook

Step 5

Close the hook over one link at the end of one of the pieces of your chain.

close hook

Step 6

Thread one of your beads onto the headpin which you have attached to your chain. Make another hook as close to the other end of your bead as possible and close it onto the other half of your chain.

thread beads on chain

Step 7

Add another bead to the chain in between. I have attached another large bead, to which I want to attach a smaller bead to create more of a dangling effect with my chain of beads. Make another hook at the end of your bead and close it as shown in the picture.

add beads

Step 8

Use another piece of a headpin to make a hook and attach it to the hook at the end of your bead, as you would to the chain. Thread another bead onto the headpin and fold the headpin with your pliers toward you.

hook headpin

Step 9

I have made spirals at the end of my beads to give a more dazzling effect. Use your pliers again to make a hook and close the hook as close to the end of the headpin as possible. (This is the ending of the headpin that you have already threaded your bead onto, and is attached to your chain.)


Step 10

Use your pliers to manipulate the wire to form a spiral design, as shown in the picture.

manipulate wire

Step 11

Finish it off by completing your spiral as close to the bead as possible.

complete spiral

Step 12

It is easier to get an idea of where to attach your beads, and what the result will be if you first add the bigger beads to your chain.

add big beads

Step 13

Once done, you can hold the piece up in your hand, to get an idea of what it will look like swaying against your handbag at the mall.

hold jewel

Step 14

Cut the remaining chain to your desired length, to finish off the top piece.

finish top piece

Step 15

I was left with a bead at the top of my cluster, so I made another hook and attached it to my left over chain, ie. the remaining cut-off from step 14.

hook chain

Step 16

Open a link in your chain at the end of your design

open link

Step 17

Close the link in the chain over the end of your handbag clip or keyring attachment.

close link

Step 18

Your handbag jewelry is ready to attach to the zipper of your bag. Be careful not to tug at it by pulling at the beads. Rather try grip the point where your attachment is linked to the top of your cluster this will ensure that your handbag jewelry remains sturdy for much longer.

completed jewelry
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