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Valentines Bracelet

Step-by-step instructions showing you how to make a beautiful beaded Valentines Day bracelet, presented by: Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

With Valentines Day just around the corner, what better way to show someone you care on Valentines Day than by giving them a beautiful, handmade Valentines gift you have made yourself. Follow our easy step by step instructions and we will show you how to make a beautiful Valentines gift using easy beading techniques!

complete valentines bracelet

What you need to make a Valentines bracelet:

  • Assorted beads, preferably in red, pink & white
  • Link chain, approx. 25cm length
  • Jump rings, approx. 20
  • Head pins, approx. 20
  • Clasp
  • Round nose or needle nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
beading materials

It is a good idea to read through all the instructions first before starting this Valentines Day craft. Show your special Valentine just how much you love them, by taking the time out to create something very special and personal for them to wear.

Step 1

Gather all of your required items and tools for the project lay them all out in front of you, sit down, sort your materials and get ready to create!

sort beading materials

Step 2

The very first thing to want to check is that your link chain is the right length. Test on your own wrist by taking the chain around your wrist and making note of where the one end meets the chain. You should need to trim the chain by at least a few links to obtain the desired length. You want both ends to comfortably touch each other when you place the link chain around your wrist. Average length is about 20cm.

Step 3

Now we are going to start making all of the decorations, which will hang from the bracelet!
You want to decorate a number of head pins, which will hang from the bracelet. The most efficient way to make sure that you have enough, is to work out how "full" you want your finished bracelet to look.

On our bracelet, we have a decoration hanging from every second link in the chain. If you want to match this, simply count the number of links in your chain and divide by two that will be the number of head pins/decorations you need to make.

valentines head pins

Step 4

To begin the decorating, take one head pin and slide a selection of beads of your choice onto it. You need approx. 2cm of beads on the head pin. Of course you can make your pins shorter or longer, depending on your desired effect.

beads and head pin

Step 5

Once you are satisfied with the selection of beads on the head pin, trim the wire if needed, so that you have about 5mm extending out.

beaded head pin

Step 6

Now use your needle nose pliers to curl this extension, creating a loop. This will ensure that the beads do not fall off the pin and the pin can be attached to the bracelet later on.

create ring on head pin using needle nose pliers

Step 7

Keep going until you have decorated a number of head pins. You can make all of your pins identical, or you can make each one unique. What we find works well is to make four or five variations, and then make four or five decorated head pins of each design variation. This helps to bring some balance and is interesting to the eye.

beaded head pins

Step 8

With all the decorated pins ready, you are set to finish the bracelet off!
The next step is to attach a jump ring to the end of each pin. Use both the chain nose and needle nose pliers to twist the jump ring open. By using both pliers to hold either side of the jump ring, gently twist. Do not pull the jump ring open as this will weaken the strength of the ring itself.

twist jump ring open using pliers

Step 9

Slide the decorated pin, via its own loop (that you created in Step 6) onto the jump ring and before twisting the ring closed again, slide it onto a link of chain.

It is usually easiest to start at one end of the link chain and work your way down as you keep adding.

close beaded jump ring

Step 10

Keep attaching the beaded head pins across the length of the chain.

chain with beaded headpins

Step 11

Once all your beaded headpins have been added, the only thing left to do is add the clasp. Open a jump ring using pliers, and then slide one end of the chain onto it and then the clasp onto it as well. Twist the ring closed. On the other end of the link chain, place one jump ring.

Your beautiful, handmade beaded Valentines Day bracelet is now ready to be given away as a special gift on Valentines Day!

complete valentines day bracelet
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