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Drilled Candle

Step-by-step on how to make a drilled candle, as presented by: Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

Drilled Candle

What you need to make a drilled candle:

  • Stable, firm working surface
  • Hot plate or stove plate
  • Aluminum teapot, or pot or double-boiler
  • Paraffin coloured wax - 2 or more colours
  • Mold - we used a 250 ml plastic drinking cup
  • Fragrance
  • Candle wick
  • Spray & Cook, mould release or Vaseline
  • Knife
  • Sosatie stick
  • Thermometer
  • Sugar
  • Wooden spoon
  • Scissors
  • Bostik tape
  • Bostik Prestik
  • Clingwrap
  • Toothpick - length approx 10 mm
  • Drill - low speed
  • Drill-bit for mould hole - size 3 mm
  • Junior hacksaw and blade
  • Drill-bits (Speedbor Double Groove) for making holes in the candle - we used 13 and 16

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft.


Step 1

Drill and Cut Mold (plastic cup)

Step 2

Prepare the Mold

Step 3

Bottom of Mold / Toothpick / Clingwrap

  • Drill 3 mm hole in the centre of the base of the cup (candle hole)
  • Cut the cup horizontally using the Junior hacksaw all the way around - you will have 2 separate sections
  • Tape together the sides of the cup with Bostik tape
  • Put a small blob of Bostik Prestik on a toothpick
  • Insert toothpick into the candle hole
  • Seal the hole with Bostik Prestik
  • Wrap clingwrap around the cup

Step 4

Measure the Wick

Step 5

Spray the Mold

  • Using Spray & Cook
  • or mold elease
  • or wipe with Vaseline

Step 6

Melt the Wax - First Colour

Step 7

  • Until temperature reaches 85 - 88 deg C
  • Remember you only need a tiny amount, less than quarter of a teaspoon. You can also get premixed pearl based colours
  • Prime the Wick

Step 8

Fill Mold

  • Place mold in a cold water bath with ice for about 5 mins
  • Fill mold with melted wax
  • Place mold in cold water bath - approx. 25 mins
  • Wax must not solidify

Step 9

Removing Wax Surface / Setting Candle Wall

  • Cut the surface of the wax with a knife - approx. 10mm from the edge
  • Place surface in the pot for re-use
  • Pour the liquid wax into the pot for re-use
  • You will now be left with a candle wall
  • Replace mold in cold water bath
  • Wax must set and harden for a few hours

Step 10

Removing Candle Wall from Mold / Drilling Holes

  • Remove candle wall from mold - carefully
  • Drill holes in candle wall - using Speedbor Double Groove 13 and 16. Use the least pressure possible to avoid the candle wall breaking

Step 11

Spray Mold / Replace Candle

  • Use Spray & Cook or mold release and spray the mold again
  • Replace candle into the mold
  • Tape together the sides of the cup with Bostik Tape
  • Wrap clingwrap around the cup
  • Remove the toothpick if you can
  • Locate hole at the bottom of the base of the cup. Drill 3mm hole through base and candle wax
  • Insert wick
  • Seal hole and wick with Bostik Prestik

Step 12

Melt the Second Colour of Wax

  • Wrap wick around sosatie stick
  • Until temperature reaches 85 - 88 deg C

Step 13

Fill Candle Wall with Wax / Add Fragrance

  • Place Mold in cold water bath with ice for about 5 mins
  • Fill candle wall with wax
  • Add fragrance
  • Place completed candle in cold water bath
  • Wax must set and harden for a few hours

Step 14

Completed Candle

  • Remove candle from mold
  • Flatten top and bottom of candle if necessary
  • Neaten edges of candle if necessary
  • Trim the wick
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