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Gel candles

Gel Candles

Step-by-step on how to make gel candles, as presented by Crafty Corner

Manufactures of gel candles for any occasion, as well as introducing an exchange program for regular users of gel candles. For more information contact Winnie

What you will need to make gel candles:

  • A stove
  • Pot to melt the gel wax
  • Gel Wax
  • Papercore wick
  • Wick sustainers
  • Sosatie stick or similar
  • Glass container, 60ml shot glass
what  you will need

Step 1

Choose a pot with a lip and handle in which you will melt you gel, if you going to use a pot with a spout make sure that the spout is short so that the gel will not cool too much when pouring your candle.


Step 2

Place sufficient gel into a pot and heat at a moderate temperature, 3, until it is completely melted. The longer you let it stand once the gel has melted, about 25min, the less bubbles you will have when you pour your candle. Remember that you still have to be careful not to overheat the gel as this can result in it becoming denatured and going creamy.


Step 3

Thread the wick through the sustainer and tighten with pliers, crimp just the very top of the sustainer or it will bend the base. Take the wick and submerge it in the gel till it stops bubbling, this process is called priming and is extremely important step to ensure you have a good quality gel candle. You should prime your wick in a separate container of gel from the one you going to use in your candle. This ensures the minimum risk of bubbles when you are trying to get a crystal clear look.


Step 4

To anchor your wick in the centre of the glass it is best to pour a little gel onto the bottom of your glass. Press the wick with a sustainer into the gel and let it cool. This is better than Prestik which denatures in heat. It is also easier to clean your burnt candle when you have not used any Prestik. Prestik also does not hold very well when heated.


anchoing sustainer

Step 5

Now you are ready to add a little colour to your gel. Carefuly add small amounts at a time till you get the desired colour. Remember that gel is a clear base and it takes a lot less colour to achieve the same results than you would use in a traditional wax candle. Ensure you stir in the colour until there are no more granules left. Now you can leave the gel to stand on the heat to remove the bubbles.

adding colour

Step 6

When you are ready you can pour your gel into the glass. For the most bubble-free results you should pour your gel by running it down a rod, preferably a metal one, into the glass. Try to pour it at a high temperature, about 110 deg C. This gives the gel a long cooling time which also assists in reducing bubbles. You can also pre-heat your container to help.


Step 7

Centre your wick in your container and hold it in place by using a skewer stick. Leave to cool.


Step 8

Finally, when the gel has set, you can trim so that there is about 5mm of wick. You are now ready to use your candle.

trim wick

If you really want a perfectly clear finish to your candle, you can stand it in an oven for about 45 min at 50 - 65 deg C until all bubbles have gone. If you are trying to get bubbles into your candle, then try to pour at a cooler temperature than you would normally. You can also try rapid cooling in a fridge, but this can cause water to form on the surface if you are not careful.

finnished candles
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