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Mosaic Candle

Step-by-step on how to make a Mosaic candle, as presented by: Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

mosaic candle

What you need to make a Mosaic candle:

  • A stove
  • Pot to melt the wax
  • 500 gm DCW Wax
  • Wick
  • Cake tin - small
  • Wax coloring
  • Shallow dish or plate with at least a 20mm rim

Step 1

Choose a pot with handles that are easy to hold and that don't get hot.

Step 2

Put 200 grams of dcw wax into the pot and melt. Watch the wax at all times. When it is melted it becomes liquid and is ready to pour. Don't leave it on the stove beyond this point without turning the stove off.

Melt wax

Step 3

Stir in some red colouring for making the blocks

Step 4

Pour this melted wax out into your plate or shallow dish, don't fill completely, just about 1 cm height

pour wax into shallow dish

Step 5

Leave this to set until the wax is still quite hot but firm, cut through the wax with a butter knife, making lots of lines about 1 cm apart. The lines don't need to be dead straight, but try get them as straight as possible. Turn the plate and then cut through the wax in the opposite direction so that you now have squares.

cut cool wax with butter knife

Step 6

Leave the wax to get completely dry and cold. When it is set, pop it out of the plate and you will have nice blocks to carry on with.

wax blocks

Step 7

With your pink mosaic blocks lay your design onto the cake tin. Pack the blocks at least 3mm apart so the wax can run through all the spaces and fill up properly.

mosaic block in cake tin

Step 8

Melt white wax and pour it gently into the cake tin, but not directly onto the blocks. Turn the cake tray as you go to make sure you get wax in between all the blocks. Don't cover the design completely as you need to use it as a template for your second layer, but make sure the wax reaches the top and just a little bit over the design.

pore melted wax into mosaic

Step 9

Wait for the wax to settle for about 10 minutes and then add your second layer of mosaic blocks. Melt white wax and follow the last step in covering the blocks.

add another layer of mosaic

Step 10

Wait for the wax to settle for about 10 minutes. While you wait you can prime the wick. Take the wick and place it from one side of the cake tin to the other side, in the middle of the design. Lay it flat on the wax.

add wick

Step 11 and 12

Build another two layers of mosaic blocks following the instructions given for steps 8 and 9.

 pour wax another layer of mosaic

Step 13

Leave to dry completely and remove from cake tin.

Step 14

If needed you can smooth off the one side of your candle by placing it in a flat pot and melting it till smooth. You can also flatten the bottom ever so slightly to help it stand on its own.

 mosaic candle
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