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Painted Candles

Step-by-step on how to make a Painted candle, as presented by: Crafty Corner

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Painted candle

What you need to make a Painted candle:

Step 1

Dip your sponge into your mustard coloured paint and gently dab it all over your candle or candles. I would recomend painting more than one candle as they take a while to dry, and sitting and waiting for one candle to dry can get frustrating!


Step 2

Leave your candles to dry for at least two hours between coats or applications. The sponge technique creates a rough texture on your candle. This is what it should look like.

sponge paint

Step 3

Use a medium size paintbrush for painting the leopard spots with your brown paint. We're not so much painting as putting thick blotches onto the mustard coloured paint.

leopard spots

Step 4

Leave your candle to dry. The thick blotches of brown paint create even more texture on your candles


Step 5

Use your black paint and a thinner paintbrush to outline each leopard spot on your candle.


Step 6

Once dry, your candle is ready to be over-dipped with clear wax to embed the image into other candles. Don't soak the candle in the overdipping or the painted part will start to melt and fall off.

painted candles