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Double Crochet

Step by step on how to double crochet, presented by: Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

double crochet

What you need to begin Crochet:

  • Double knitting wool
  • Crotchet needle, 2.5 or 3mm hook

Step 1

Start with a chain of at least 20 stitches. If you don't know how, follow our basic crochet guide.

crochet loop

Step 2

Your crochet hook should be in the first loop, count two loops and insert the hook into the second loop of the chain (don't count the loop already on the hook).

pull loop

Step 3

Wrap the wool around your hook. Hold the needle so that the hook faces you and traps the wool. Pull this gently towards the loop on the needle.

winding wool

Step 4

Just before you get to the loop on your hook, twist the hook downwards so that it catches the wool on the needle, allowing you to slide the hook with ease through the loop on your needle. Only go through one loop.

turn crochet needle

You should now have two loops on the needle.

two loops on crotchet needle

Step 5

Wind the wool around the needle again and pull it through both loops on the needle.

both loops on needle double stitch done

Step 6

Insert your hook into the very next chain and repeat Steps 2-5.

This is what a row of double crotchet looks like:

double crotchet row

Some crochet books refer to this stitch as a double crochet, while others call it a single stitch. This is because of the different American and British interpretations.

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