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Christmas Decoration

Step by step on how to make Christmas decor as presented by: Crafty Corner

For any question contact: Winnie

finished decor

What you need to make Christmas decor:

  • Old Wooden Blocks (Cutoffs)
  • PVA or Craft Paint
    (One or lots of colours depending on your choice)
  • Paint brush
  • Pictures or liquid lead
1-what you need

Read through the basic instructions on how to decoupage before commensing with the craft:

Basic Decoupage Instructions

Step 1

Paint a very thin layer around the side of your piece of wood first. This way you have some where to hold the block while you paint so that you do not get messy fingers.


Step 2

Lay the block on your work surface and paint one of the flat sides. Set the block aside to dry.

TIP:Paint several blocks in this way so that by the time youhave gotten through the stack you can go back and start with number one again. Waiting for paint to dry can get frustrating and off putting.


Step 3

Paint the other side. By turning the block over when it is dry and paint it while it is lying on your flat surface.


Step 4

If necessary sand your blocks.


Step 5

Re-paint all your blocks giving them a second coat in the same way you did for Step 1 - 3


Step 6

Cut out a small picture that will fit onto your block. Make sure that you cut out your picture so that you do not see any of the background paper.


Step 7

Follow the basic decoupage principles till the picture has been stuck.

Basic Decoupage Instructions


Step 8

Where you left of with the basic decoupaging modge podge over the entire block.


Step 9

Turn your block over and glue a piece of ribbononto the back of your block, use a strong glue like a glue gun. You can also staple the ribbon on if it is wide enough.

10-glue-ribbon 11-finished
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