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Step by step Decoupage projects

button Bedroom Door Name
bedroom door name

Create beautiful door name plaques for your child's bedroom. Let them help you in the crafting process for some quality time!

button Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration

A great way to keep busy in the holidays - make your own stunning and cost-effective decorations for a Christmas with a difference.

Articles on Decoupage

Basic Decoupage Instructions

  1. Sand item to be decoupaged well and wipe off dust
  2. Dilute Acrylic Paint with a little water and apply one coat to item with a sponge applicator or a soft Nylon brush (Paint in one direction).
  3. When first coat is dry, apply a second coat of Acrylic Paint undiluted
  4. Sand gently when dry to smooth surface. Touch up paint if necessary.
  5. When dry, apply a thin coat of MODGE PODGE over the painted surface with a Sponge Applicator or a Paint Brush. (Paint in one direction only). Allow to dry
  6. Cut out print very carefully with a Craft Knife or Mundial Embroidery Scissors
  7. With a Sponge Applicator or paint brush, apply a generous amount of MODGE PODGf to the back of your print, ensuring that the entire surface is covered (or you could apply a generous amount of MODGE PODGE directly onto the painted item, in the approximate position you wish to glue your picture.)
  8. Position the print very carefully. (Do not press the print down at this stage). Lift half of your picture and with a Decoupage Roller start smoothing out ALL AIR BUBBLES. Very gently, (on the part of the picture that is flat) start rolling form the center outwards. When you are satisfied that there are no more air bubbles, lower the rest of your print and start rolling out air bubbles from the center again.
  9. Once print is smoothly in place, remove all excess MODGE PODGE with a damp sponge or cloth. Allow item to dry well.
  10. Any remaining air bubbles can be pricked with a pin to release air. Roll over again with Decoupage Roller.
  11. Apply approximately 10 thin coats of MODGE PODGE to entire surface of your wooden item. Apply each coat in opposite direction, e.g. one coat horizontally and next coat vertically. Always allow MODGE PODGE to dry well between each coat.
  12. Gently sand entire MODGE PODGE area with a 1200 water paper, available at Hardware Stores. Dip water paper into water and sand gently.
  13. Apply another 4-5 layers of MODGE PODGE and sand again.
  14. Continue until you are satisfied that the print is totally embedded in the MODGE PODGE. You should not be able to feel a ridge along the edge of your print.
  15. Sand last layer of MODGE PODGE very will. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.
  16. Apply 2-3 layers of POLYURETHANE HARD VARNISH to seal the surface. (HARD VARNISH available in Hi-Gloss or Matt finish).


  • Always use a clean container and put some modge podge into it before you start, dont put the unused podge back int othe container.
  • MODGE PODGE can be colored with acrylic paints.
  • Dont work with modge podge in direct sunlight or try hear it up with a heater, its best to work wiht it at room temperature
  • MODGE PODGE takes about 30 minutes to dry between applications, depending on thickness of application.
  • Do not use directly over KWIK CRACK OR ANTIQUE CRACKLE.
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