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Step by step on how to make your own homemade scrapbooking kaleidoscope, presented by

shoestring scrapbooking

For any questions contact: Canica


What you need to make a homemade kaleidoscope:

  • Sheet of 12 x 12 vellum
  • Compass, from a maths geometry set
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Photo

Step 1

Use the compass and pencil to draw a large circle on your sheet of vellum.

use compass to draw a circle

Step 2

Use the scissors to cut out the circle.

cut out circle

Step 3

Fold the circle in half and then cut it.

fold circle in half half cut circle

Step 4

You will only need one half of the circle. Fold the remaining section in half and cut it with your scissors.

half circle vellum cutting out circle

Step 5

Now repeat the process with the quarter of the circle, fold it in half and cut using scissors.

fold vellum in half cut vellum in half

Step 6

Now you have what looks like two pieces of a pie! You are only going to need one piece for your kaleidoscope.

cut vellum into pie shape

Step 7

You are now going to position your piece of vellum on your photo and trace a basic outline using a pencil. If you turn the vellum over onto the mirror image you should be able to line it up.

trace outline of photo with pencil align and trace photo

Step 8

Once you have lined them up you are going to use a pencil and trace around your vellum template and then cut out all your pictures.

cut photos using scissors

Step 9

Once you have cut out all your photos, stick them onto a coloured card and decorate to complete your scrapbooking kaleidoscope.

complete scrapbooking kaleidoscope
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