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Step by step Scrapbooking craft projects

Recommended Adhesives

Ribbon – No adhesive needed because you are going to tie it around the wooden letters and make not.

Flowers – Use brads or buttons for the centre of your flower. You can use Purple Turtle double sided tape or craft glue to stick them down.

When using vellum or tracing paper use either spray adhesive, which you will find at most craft shops or hardwares, or use the special glue dots which you can buy, at any scrapbooking shop. It is very important to use one of these two adhesives because if you use normal glues or double sided tape it comes through the paper and looks awful.

Metal Charms – Use glue dots or Purple Turtle double-sided tape to stick them down.

Envelopes or Pockets – Use Purple Turtle double-sided tape to stick them down

Making Holes

The easiest way to make the hole in the paper is with a scrapbooking hole puncher – this can be found at any scrapbooking shop. Hole punchers are normally used for eyelets, but they can be use for various things and are a good investment. You can use a craft knife to cut the holes in the paper – but this has to be done with precision


Chalking is a technique used to add dimension and color to paper. I love chalking everything because it finishes off the project.

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