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Paper House

Step by step on how to make a mini paper house for Mother's Day, presented by:

shoestring scrapbooking

For any questions contact Canica from Shoestring Scrapbooking.

paper house

What you need to make a paper house:

Before you begin, start by cutting out the roof & house as shown on our template. Go on, redraw them, it's not hard! On the roof template I have included my scalloped circle and scalloped edge.

roof template house template

Step 1

Cut out the roof using a scissors:

paper house roof

Step 2

We now have a full 10cm square on the one corner, let's fold that in half.

fold paper in half

Step 3

Once you have folded the square in half, glue it down.

fold and glue paper

Step 4

Join the triangular pieces and glue them to each other.

glue paper together

Step 5

This is what your roof should look like:

paper roof

Step 6

Now you need to cut out the house design template using a scissors. This is what the house should look like when you have cut it out.

paper house template

Step 7

You are now going to glue your box house together. Use double sided tape to stick down each glue flap.

stick paper house together using double sided tape

Step 8

This is what it should look like once it's all glued down.

paper house

Step 9

I suggest you add your scalloped edge, or ribbon etc. before you sticking the roof to the house.

roof template

Step 10

Now stick the roof to the house. See how I stuck mine down on the image below. I used a craft glue that dries clear, but another glue you can use and I love using is Pritt Power Gel.

glue paper roof to paper house

The roof has an opening on top so you are going to have to add a strip to the roof to close the opening or maybe you have another fabulous idea on how to hide the opening.

Step 11

Once your paper house is complete, cut decorations from scrap bits of paper and stick these on to decorate it and create a beautiful gift for Mothers Day.

complete paper house
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