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Womans Day Card

Step by step on how to make a Womans day card, as presented by:

shoestring scrapbooking
For any question contact: Canica

Womans Day Card I-am-woman-hear-me-roar

What you need to make a Womans day card:

  • 2 X Patterned 12″ X 12″ Papers
  • 1 X Leopard Print 12″ X 12″ Paper
  • 1 X Plain Cardstock 12″ X 12″
  • Flowers (Optional)
  • Chipboard Swirls
  • Lettering (for I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROAR)
  • Ribbon (Optional)
  • Stapler
  • Adhesives
  • Scissors
  • K and Company Chipboard Spinner
What You Need (2)

Read through all the instructions first before starting this craft.

Step 1

Cut you leopard print paper in half.

Step 2

Know stick the one half on the top of the 1st page and the second half on the bottom of the 2nd page.

Stick one half to first page

Step 3

Now you are going to mat the A5 photo. Stick your photo onto the plain card stock leaving an equal border on the two sides. You can then use a pencil and a ruler to draw your guidelines for the other two sides.

Place photo

Step 4

Cut it out. Matting is an easy way to decorate your pages and it makes your photo pop of the page.

Mat your picture

Step 5

Now stick down your photo towards the top left hand corner.

Stick photo

Step 6

Now stick down a large layered flower on the top left hand side of the A5 photo. As you can see in my photo I used a wooden swirl behind my flower – this is optional.

Stick big flower

How to decorate your swirls you can chalk them, paint them, emboss them or leave them plain – its up to you!

Step 7

You are now going to stick down ″ I AM WOMAN ″ on the top right hand side of the page. This is the page title.

Stick down text

Step 8

Now stick down ″ HEAR ME ROAR″ on the bottom of the second page.

Stick down text

Step 9

Now cut a piece of fabric and ribbon that fits under your A5 photo – then staple it to the page.

Cut fabric and ribbon

Step 10

Glue 3 flowers down to the fabric strip, or embellish, as you like.

Glue flowers

Step 11

I then printed a comment that I got form my husband onto plain card stock and stuck it down on the bottom right corner of the 1st page.

Print some text to stick

Step 12

I then stuck down the arrow & chipboard spinner.

Stick arrow

Step 13

I then used a chipboard swirl bracket on the top & bottom of the chipboard spinner.

Chipboard swirl

Step 14

That is page 1 done!

One page done

Step 15

The second page is fun – you already stuck down the second part of the page title – so now play around with your photos and embellishments until you find something you really like.

Play around with photos

Step 16

I used a large layered flower & a large swirl behind the flower.

Large flower

Step 17

I used stickers, heart shaped buttons & I printed quotes onto plain card stock & stuck them down between my photo′s

Use Stickers and quotes to make up space

Step 18

I also then stapled 2 pieces of ribbon on the one side.

Stape ribbon to the card
Other Ideas

Instead of doing a page on your-self you can do a page on a woman who is special to you like you Mom, Sister etc Make a mini album of phenomenal women in your life & why. Or do a page on what makes you a unique woman.

Happy Woman's Day!

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