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Bostik Crazy Clay Mother's Day Flower

Step by step on how to make a Mother's Day flower using Crazy Clay, as presented by: Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

crazy clay flower

What you need to make a red Crazy Clay flower:

  • Bostik Crazy Clay in assorted colours
  • Some skewer sticks
  • Green PVA paint
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic surface
  • Buttons
what you will need

Make sure you have a clean and tidy workspace. Use a sheet of plastic to cover and protect your table if it is not made from plastic. Crazy Clay sticks to any porous surface.

Step 1

Let's start with some red Crazy Clay. Take a small blob and reseal the tub, Crazy Clay dries quickly, so make sure you keep everything sealed. Divide the red blob of clay into 6 equal sized smaller blobs. Roll them under your finger to form nice round balls.

balls of crazy clay

Step 2

Join the 6 balls together to form a circle. Be careful not to touch two bits of Crazy Clay together unless you want to join them together - Crazy Clay is particularly sticky and will stick to itself very quickly.

join balls

Step 3

Gently press each ball with your thumb to flatten it and create your petal shapes.

press balls

Step 4

Take a small ball of yellow Crazy Clay and roll it into a ball for the middle of your red flower. Place the yellow Crazy Clay ball in the middle of your flower.

yellow crazy clay ball

Step 5

Press your yellow blob flat onto the red petals. This will help join everything together.

press blob down

Step 6

Gently stick a skewer onto the bottom of your flower to create a stem.

skewer stick

Step 7

We now need to to place a pretty button in the centre. This finishes it off and makes it a beautiful and easy gift for your mom this Mother's Day.

button centre

Step 8

Paint the stem with green PVA paint to finish your flower.

paint stem

Here are some other flowers to try:

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