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Bostik Crazy Clay Mother's Day Flower

Step by step on how to make a purple Mother's Day flower using Crazy Clay, as presented by: Crafty Corner

For any questions contact: Winnie

crazy clay flower

What you need to make a purple Crazy Clay flower:

  • Purple, white & blue Crazy Clay
  • A skewer stick
  • Green PVA paint
  • Paint brush
  • Plastic surface
  • Button
what you will need

Make sure you have a clean and tidy workspace. Use a sheet of plastic to cover and protect your table if it is not made from plastic. Crazy Clay sticks to any porous surface.

Before starting this craft, please read the instructions for the red flower as this gives much more detailed intructions on how to create flowers with Crazy Clay.

Step 1

Place 6-8 small blue Crazy Clay balls next to each other to form a ring.

blue balls

Step 2

Make a round, white ball and flatten it to make a disc. It must be bigger than your ring of blue balls. Place the blue balls on top of the white disc.

white crazy clay disc blue balls

Step 3

Lift up the white disc with the blue balls on it, and gently start folding the white edge over the balls. Work it especially well into the dented areas.

fold over balls

Step 4

Use a toothpick or your skewer stick to drag the white Crazy Clay over the blue balls, and fold the blue balls into the white.

drag clay

Step 5

Press a button into the centre of the blue and white flower.

press button down

Step 6

Make another disc slightly bigger than your flower using purple Crazy Clay, and place the flower onto it.

Step 7

Follow Steps 6-8 for the red flower to complete your flower.

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